03 July 2018

I sit listening to Nityananda’s Hari Krishi, feeling what seems like winds of bliss flowing through my body and heart. I am supremely happy to have students to love so deeply, and they me. Even if all were to go tomorrow, I would have the memory of my great fortune with love.
I would remember the one who awakened me to Shakti, and the one who quadrupled its power in me. I would remember Kerima who has stayed with me and tolerated all my relationships with hundreds of students over the years. I would remember those who awakened to Shakti through me over the years, as well as those who came to me already fully developed, as well as the much more rare adept who realized themselves as the Unborn, and then re-descended in their bodies and reclaimed the life force.
I am the happiest man in the world right now, because I really have something to give to my students other than Robert’s world and body denying in order to find the Unborn within. I can help take people to love, the life force, and a personal relationship with God, in ecstatic union, love, and bliss, so much so you lose any care of what will happen to you. It is all good. Even fear, loss, jealousy, as well as world chaos, all take you to God.

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