25 July 2018

Love and Emptiness

Whatever I write or think with any certainty, after awhile it just loses its 
meaning. It is like it is not the truth. Yet underneath, I feel my heart 
burning.  Good night.

I love you more and more, I feel like I don’t know what is happening, yet
I feel a vast ocean in my heart, but even this doesn’t seem real.

I feel waves of love in my belly, but my heart is afraid to surrender to the full depth this feeling gives. But everything seems so beautiful when I look at the street, the sun, just everything looks perfect.

Over and over you seem to be saying love brings you out of emptiness, or out of mundaneness, but you cannot trust it to stay, so you say it seems unreal.

My experience is there are only two experiential realities, Emptiness and Love.  Love brought me out of emptiness back into incarnated humanity, and this love fully permeated that Void, bringing life and death together.

Your love touches me in this exact way. It is like a very sweet and gentle wind blows through my transparent heart bringing joy.

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