23 July 2018

Email to me from Y and my response:

I think of you all the time. You crush me. Every part of my identity should be peeled off to come to you... There was a huge thunderstorm that awoke me and now all I can think of are some romantic feelings of you with a lot of pain of course, like my heart is giving birth to something...

I don’t know how you do it but it seems like you do something very ordinary, like just going to rest a little, and everything I know becomes wrong all of a sudden. It’s not that I don’t like this as long as I’m aware of it but sometimes I just want to indulge in love and sex with you if it was possible, but it isn’t because you’re not attached to it the same way I am. I don’t think you are even attached to anything in the sense I use it.

I’m so sick of chasing you, I’m sorry, you really take my feelings for something that doesn’t matter.

Y, Feelings are not real.  The drama is all mind stuff affecting the nerves and body.  It is like watching images in a kaleidoscope, and making stories out of them.  Even the deepest love is not real. 

Emotions are nothing but formless energies being given the form of an emotion by your mind, whether fear, jealousy, love, desire.  It is all energies.  You mind makes them into human drama.  Master the energies and don't be taken by the drama.  

By this I mean relax totally and let the emotion take you over completely.  Relax into it, love the emotion, and let it into your heart where it can explode into energy, Shakti.

Of course, sometimes you have feelings you like, and these you should nurture and enjoy.  No need to dissolve these into Shakti.

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