08 July 2018

Ed Speaks Boldly About Love, Shakti, and Sex—R rated

No more screwing around with politically correct phrases that eviscerate naturalness and the rawness and power of real love and surrender.

Total love and surrender can feel like an addiction. It can lead to dysfunction. You can feel a slave to your own love and desires, but it is worth it! To be able to feel the entire rich spectrum of emotions, bliss, ecstasies available to the Bhakti yogi, one needs to understand the relationship between sex, love, Shakti and becoming entwined with the Divine, with God.

From my POV, this awakening is so much more powerful, useful, and transformative than anything that comes out of Advaita or Zen.

One uses the power of love and sexual desire, not the sex itself, to awaken Shakti, and Shakti does the rest.

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