22 July 2018


By divine love, I mean a love so strong, totally involving the mind, the heart, and the genitals, such that the personal sense of self totally disappears in one's experience of the other. One feels one with the other and surrendered to the other.

This totally awakens the Shakti within, the life force, felt as tremendous flows of internal energies, colored lights, white light, bliss, and often as a full-bodied orgasm. As all the Chakras become one pointed-aligned, firing together.

After differing amounts of time for different people, this turns into self-realization of one's energy self, the life force, the moving aspect of beingness.

Against this foreground, you also realize yourself as the unmoving witness and unmoving emptiness or Void. later, you realize that both the Manifest and Unmanifest come from nothingness.


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