14 July 2018

All teachers express their own truths differently from their teachers.  Each is a new synthesis differently expressed, and each matures in ways expressing or emphasizing different topics or understanding.  Also, different teachers address different audiences; some are more public than others, some have a siddhi that attracts one kind of student than another.

Recently I have been reading David Spero’s two books and I like his way of teaching, although we express similar concepts in different ways.  You might say that I am more experiential and literal, and he is more poetic and focuses more on Shakti as the meme of Mother.  I don’t mind this way at all as it gives the teachings the powerful charisma of a divine romance, which is exactly what I am doing but in a more literal way.

I highly recommend his first book, Beyond the Place of Laughter and Tears in the Land of Devotion.  I would like to provide a few quotes which coincide with my teaching.

“I teach the path of the Divine Mother.  Her love is the door.  Everyone who walks through me walks Into Her.  To be placed totally in the grip of Divine Love is to have the guru perform one’s sadhana.  Once this is truly realized, spiritual life becomes no longer a process but surrender.  You are sustained in the knowledge that you cannot do and that everything is being done.

“It is not possible to love completely without total surrender.  There will always be a pocket of separateness into which you can hide and from which you can reject.  The only way to dismantle the whole apparatus of rejection is to love the Spiritual Master with the spiritual Heart that he That awakens in you.

“Worship is the release of unrestricted, uncensored feeling towards an object of adoration.  It can drive you mad, Madly into Love.  “When life is lived only for Love, this world begins to look like a mental hospital.  The disease is selfishness.  Cruelty is everywhere.  One drop of devotion in the heart of a devotee produces tears of great refreshment.
“Even as I write now my eyes fill with tears.  I have no control over my life because she has taken it all.  Her love is without an and the heart that I thought I once had belongs to Her.”

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