02 July 2018



Hi Ed,

It's P@@@@. I contacted you earlier in the year about a woman I had met. You asked if you could use what I wrote as teaching material which delighted me, so thank you.. So...I was not successful in avoiding the 'friend zone,'....I became a friend and then I got 'ghosted' so to speak. But that's ok. So....I wandered for a while and three weeks ago I found a woman with whom I feel an extraordinary connection. She feels exactly the same about me as I do of her. I am a naturally devotional fellow so reading your writings on how devotion can lead us to many spiritual wonders...I would love to pursue this with all of my heart.

I don't know if you remember, but in a correspondence last year you said Shakti was alive in me and I was doing fine and I should just wait and let her do her thing. So...Shakti feels like she is exploding in my now since I met S******. The energies are very subtle but the power of them make me want to cry with joy.

There is movement in my pelvis, my gut, my heart Chakra, the crown of my head ripples with energy. The great infinite expanse in my mind, which is my daily companion since last year, feels like it is shimmering...hard to describe. I feel infinitely excited. I know all of this has 'surrender' at its core. I know I love S*******,

I know I want to share this spiritual journey with her...to what do I surrender...and how? Perhaps these are beginner questions...and probably they are...there is just something infinitely exciting about the colour and hue of this experience that is something other than the great still voidness that has been me for almost 15 months now. Am so excited to hear from you. Hope you are very, very well.

Much love and gratitude

This is fantastic news! I hope it works this time for you.

Here is the secret to having it work. Be as bold as you can be, much as it may scare you. Tell her about what you feel in terms of your energies, but even more importantly, relay how you love her, the intensity of your love, and being as you are, naturally devotional, how you want to fall to her feet, then touch and kiss her feet. Tell her you want to surrender to her, love her, commit to her, and do it with a convincing voice, said with 100% sincerity.

The quality of your voice is very important.  For this method to work, your center of awareness must fall from your head into your heart and gut.  Then it is Shakti speaking to her, not your mind, and your words will roll out of your mouth with a fullness and tambre that will touch her heart because she can feel your heart in your words.  Words come from a deep place as from a base drum.  When you speak this way, it is Shakti, and women are sensitive enough to feel Her truth in your words and your heart.

Then ask her what she is feeling. She may speak about her own energetic reaction, her own love, her doubts, her fears. But she may also speak of her deep love and her own desire to surrender.

The self-realization process, for that is what this process creates, is all about getting all of her energy directed towards you; most woman love to be able to drop everything and everyone else to settle on one man who loves them and can make them feel energies. Some men are the same way, but most are not sensitive enough emotionally to feel the difference consciously. Some men and some women constantly radiate these energies, and this is the type person that you can have a divine relationship with.

Then speak about what you would like to do when together if you are in remote communication, or to her directly if you are together. Speak about how you yearn to touch her. How you yearn to run your fingers gently across her face, just barely touching. Do the same for her hand, neck and back, just barely touching her skin with two or three finger tips.

Then declare how much she arouses you, makes you love her with her eyes and smile or however it is that most excites you about her.

Here is the other secret. You are trying to fully awaken her entire energy body, and the two most important chakras to fire first are the sexual and the heart Chakras. If you can get them to open and fire in unison, soon her entire nervous system and all Chakras will be firing in unison and she will be irradiated in loving, worshipping, surrendering energies, wanting to surrender to God through you, and you surrendering to God through her, because this is the truth.  This is what divine love is all about.  Mutual love, devotion, and surrender to the other.

At this point you can speak about touching her breasts, her mouth, and even touching her teeth and tongue. You yourself need to be inflamed with total body energies so that she can feel them. Then you move onto more explicitly sexual topics such as asking her how she likes her breasts to be touched, and so on.

But always continually talk to her. Find out what she if feeling and where in her body. What energies are firing, what emotions she feels and match her talk with your own, either about her, or your energetic/emotional responses to her.

A remote encounter works best, because up close you may be frightened of making a mistake or being too bold, or not bold enough. It is easier to judge at a distance at first.

Put off physical sex as long as possible, if ever, until her entire body is alight with Shakti and she feels the energies everywhere. Inquire how she likes to be penetrated, by tongue, finger or penis, and for how long. You are there to make her happy. You are not there for yourself. You are there to help Shakti completely energize her body and personality and to bring her to realization of the totality of the life force within her, the divine.

You are not there to satisfy yourself. You are there because you love her, and you want to get to a point of total, mutual worshipping devotion and surrender of your life to hers. This is all about her, and when she feels it, you will want to fall to her feet, kiss her feet, and even lick her toes.

Naturally, a woman would use the same processes as a man, and would use techniques of seduction more often used by women.  In the end, it is always the same:  it is a call and response of the Shakti in each to awaken and love the Shakti in another, but through the chemistry and physiology of human individuals.  The only point here is mutual surrender and mutual realization of the life force, Shakti.

No physical contact is ever needed. Masturbation is never needed. You are using your mind to create a romantic story of love and surrender that lights her heart and entire body, until she aches for you and you ache for her. It is the best and highest use of mind in a spiritual endeavor to lead others to self-realization with bliss therefore allowing an enlightened couple functioning in bliss.

I have never had actual physical sex with my beloveds. Actual physical sex pales in comparison to having your body alight by the fires of Shakti. After physical sex you will temporarily lose Shakti and feel empty and without bliss.

I use my love talk, and the intensity of my own Shakti in loving them, and this usually, but not always, leads them to first, ordinary orgasms because the second Chakra is fired most easily, then later, continuous whole body orgasms as all the Chakras are communicating and firing in unison. Bliss and body convulsions pervade her entire body, and at this point, the orgasms have nothing to do with sex, because the sexual aspect becomes insignificant compared to the ecstasies of all Chakras being alighted and aligned, and her yearning, at this point, to experience the divine within. At this point she wants mergence in God. At this point you have the monogamous couplehood you always wanted with a woman alive and afire with all kinds of energies and you being afire in response.

What we are speaking about here have nothing at all to do with physical sex. We are really speaking about lighting all the fires of Shakti within one’s body, wrapped around the emotions of love, devotion, and surrender, which is exactly what is needed for self realization. It is a celebration with another, relationally touching with infinite tenderness and surrendered love to your guru, your goddess of love, your Gopi or Radha to your Krishna, and absolutely the opposite for your beloved.

A couple in this state of awakened Shakti delight in each other’s company the way new lovers delight in each other’s bodies.  But here the energy fields of each person continually dance ecstatically with the other. Then even the most mundane worldly activities taken a great measure of joy.




Angela’s Response:

Maybe it could be even possible to awaken the energy body by describing in refined detail to your Beloved how you made a sandwich or how you folded the laundry and what the touch of the fabric was like with each item: 

     I am trying to say that really it's not about sex; it's about energy and how much you are able to let go and open yourself to the energy within the voice of your Beloved and what is happening within your energy as a response to this. Of course this is easy and very strong when talking about love and sexual desire, but for me it even works when my Beloved talks about how he prepared a sandwich. 

I can imagine though that this works after there already is a certain degree of devotion within the receiver.

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