04 July 2018


I am sitting in my Satsang recliner now, just as I do every day, writing about love, ecstasy, and Shakti.  

Today, I am alive from her fire.  She gently caresses my entire body, from toes to the hair on my head.  Today she does not flow inside my body as she often does, but licks and caresses my skin and muscles no more than two inches deep.

Both feet feel her touch, like being licked by my lover.  My calves, thighs and pelvis are also licked and I feel like exploding with inner energy of delight and deepest love.  I feel totally loved by her, as her magic tongue of love energy caresses my genitals and anus.  Her fingers of energetic delight feel halfway like electricity, and halfway like intense sexual arousal, spreading along the skin all over my body.

My divine lover now feels like she has a hundred tongues licking me everywhere with total love and delight.  I relax in her delight and am embraced by her energetic touch.  I feel totally loved, and in hat love, totally relaxed, able to feel Shakti’s full strength washing me from toe to scalp.  She reminds me so much of one cat  I had in the past, Sweetie, who would spend half an hour licking all the hair on my head with her very wet tongue, just licking, licking.

How is it that this can be happening to me?  How do I deserve this delight of being licked by these divine energies that touch my balls and brain equally, raptured and captured by her bliss.

How to let others know of this being loved by Shakti, being made love to by Shakti?  There are no words to express.  For me it feels like I am enraptured by an endless female energy, everywhere showering me with raptured bliss.  What have I done to win this rapture and how can I give it to others?  How did Ramakrishna give her to the world through his devotion and his words?

I want everyone to feel this divine lovemaking with no one present except you. I am Shakti and Shakti is me. Not two, but one.  It is the same for you.  In my natural state, she is there as love, bliss, and energies, yet is also always on the verge of exploding in total orgasm, from toe to skull.

This is the bliss I want to give the world, an awakening to Shakti so that she can caress and delight you as she does me.  So that she can purify your mind and body, and lead you to your natural state of beingness and the emptiness behind beingness, as well as flooding you with her bliss. Then you will know all the secrets of beingness, Consciousness, and the life force, and be able to bring that awakening to others.

Shakti is within sex, whether physical sex, or as when she comes to you when you are alone in complete relaxation and devotion. And,  sex is within Shakti, as when you pine for gendered love.  One leads to the other, and always to complete surrendered love.  The three are inseparable.

For thousands of years, people have wanted to separate sex from devotion, love, Shakti, God, Self-Realization, and enlightenment. By so doing, they have enfeebled all their spiritual practices.
Love and devotion are praised, but sex is damned. Yet, sex is very strongly in Shakti, because as Shakti is experience by humans through our nervous and energy systems, that are innervated by webs of filaments through which Shakti flows.
The three key Chakras, are the root Chakra in the spine, the sexual Chakra, and the heart. Any one of these can be awakened in a way that awakens these energies throughout our physical and Subtle bodies.
Total, devotional, surrendered love alone can do it, as is conceived by conventional Bhaktic approaches. But almost universally, when we love another with total devotional and surrendered love, the sexual center is also awakened. The traditional saint then spends enormous time and energy to suppress his or her sexual impulses, while the Tantric approach add the sexual desires to devotion, making the combination so strong that it overcomes our strong egoic need to remain separate, under control, etc., and allows us to surrender to another completely.
If both persons can feels such total worshiping devotion towards another, both will awaken to Shakti as God and also themselves. But this process does not demand two, though mutual surrender empowers the process, one can do it just for yourself by loving and allowing yourself to lust deeply.

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