01 March 2015

Sunday’s Satsang was incredibly powerful for me.  Something changed.  I don’t know truth through my mind or intuition any more, but directly through my body and its energy body extension.

There is great joy in me.  Great bliss also permeates my body and surprisingly makes it more real. Matter and knowledge are one

A great sense of knowing has descended, different from just being strongly centered and steadfast as before, but I am knowing itself—pure Jnana.  It is so difficult to describe, but it is as if I have mastered knowledge and I now give it directly, both through words and my presence. The sense of being grounded in knowing makes me feel more powerful than matter—the appearance of the world. The world revoves around me.

I wish you could experience this sense of awe I feel because I know who I am even more deeply.

1 comment:

  1. ....and it takes us all ever deeper....bringing the Manifest Self close enough to feel.
    Most powerful Satsang I have ever witnessed. Still on FIRE !!