28 March 2015

Another Conversation with Steve



 I have always picked up with you a deep almost hidden anger that comes out in unexpected ways, usually against other people/guru's.  It came out in Facebook, on the blog and against various people.

I know as I have an anger buried deep also and I recognize with you....and others. 

The anger doesn't bother me at all but sometimes I wonder if this wasn't the reason so many devotees left....that is their weakness.

You are very blunt and straight forward and totally honest with your feelings.  I think other Guru's are frauds..you are the only TRUE teacher around and most of the fucking crowd can't handle that.  I say let them drop by the wayside. You are not going to sacrifice your morals to have a huge crowd adoring you.....your not like any of the others.

Your expectations are very high with every right to be but sometimes answers don't exist so don't put your expectations on the people of the world and disappointment won't arise.

If people can't accept you as Edji then screw them and find another avenue where you can be satisfied.



Anger is my friend, it gives me more energy.  Love is my friend, it makes me more mellow. Death and loss are my friends, it makes me go deeper into Self  in sorrow and awareness of how much I love life in myself and in others.

The same holds true for all other emotions and sates:  They give me life, energy, sensitivity, empathy, grace, compassion.  They are the gates to Self.


  1. That's genius. In contemporary Christian mysticism contemplative prayer (meditation) we have "The Welcoming Prayer", making friends to all that arises in the mind or emotions.
    It's probably at least similar. Mike

  2. I agree...this one aspect of Edji raises questions I'm sure. I, for one, am still wrestling with all these emotions in myself..(hurt, fear and anger particularly) no wonder we tend to reject others that express them...especially spiritual teachers. Edji...any more insight into the justification of anger would be helpful as most teachings strongly speak against it as something to accept (unless to overcome it etc.) Thank you,