02 March 2015


Dear Edji, I was going to write you about Satsang...you beat me to it. It was God-Blessed Powerful. My god you got right into it and took us with you. One hell of a trip. My body was just convulsing with the energy....then when I bond with you and all the others it was ass kicking.

It is still with me and your advice to stick to using these methods throughout the day was really good. I think everyone feels very special having you teach them.

I am ready to just have a 'soul' orgasm as my energy centers are lit up , burning and just flowing with desire.

something today just Clicked....I probably need to hear things 1000 times...well this was the time.

Change is happening many times during the day...like walking into a new reality. j

going from the Manifest Self to the Observer and back was just kicking butt and your explanation was perfect to understand. I felt you were talking right to me.

One thing I just remembered that in the background I could hear some birds singing...I don't know if you have birds but they were so happy and just singing there hearts out. They could feel everything so that was a blessing too that other sentient beings could enjoy our Satsang.

On another side I feel so compassionate for all humanity and all living things. Easy words to say but Experience and Feeling is talking here. I can feel all beings deeply inside and they are all me.

This Love pouring out of my Heart is for everyone and everything.
I just love to love. Its so real and authentic.

Deepest Love My Teacher, your humble servant, Steve Palmer


Satsang was very , very focused for me. I just heard your voice and followed you very clearly. Nothing extraneous.

The pipe exercise brings up my energies very quickly. Today I felt flooded with light.

My sense of consciousness seems to run like light through my subtle body. This was very powerful today.

I'm currently not as much in my body. I don't mean separate, but I feel identified with energy. I feel localized in the gossamer body around my physical body.

I've had very little thinking now for several weeks. Touching into the abandonment was a turning point. Some sense of preordained suffering is gone.

Its like a door is open That's how I felt at satsang ..... imminent .... not knowing anything anymore.

haha ... you described directly knowing today .... I seem to just be curiously 'not knowing' anything suddenly.

All I really know is that I want to be out in AZ with you. I have to get myself together enough to do that.

I just feel like I'm in a cocoon ... but when am I going to hatch??????

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  1. Whole heartedly agree! This satsang was special. It was almost like a science class; a practical experiment / exercise coupled with observation and illustration of manifest self and absolute self. Very lucid.
    Thank you Edji