28 March 2015



How does one discover who one is, or if there is more to oneself and what that is? How does one really “look within” or self-inquire without using the mind? I need to locate the feeling of I AM, I understand, but how is one to go about it? Do we repeat the two words till we can detect a feeling? I was trying but that seems to require thinking about the meaning of I AM, which then is a concept. Is there a way to bring up the feeling when one sits to meditate?

How does one move through the day so as to aid self discovery, as one 
goes about their usual activities?

Edji, as one progressively gets to know more about oneself, what changes? Do things that the average person cares about in the world stop mattering- “nothing matters”? I have been reading Nisargadatta and he seems to have reached a place where he was not afraid of or worried about anything- he did not suffer, and that also seems to be the aim of life in the Hindu tradition which, among others, the jnanis have attained. Does knowing oneself culminate in something like that? When one has just begun their journey, what changes for a person as they move along the path?


It is a long, hard path to Self-Realization, but as opposed to realization of the Absolute that Nisargadatta teaches, I teach realization of the Manifest Self, the aliveness within, the Life Force--joy--life---love--self-knowledge.  Then you stand strong like a mountain with the life force burning within, exploding with intensity, love. Over time the intense impulses decrease and smooth out with a residual underlying joy and knowledge of who you are and that all is well.

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