28 March 2015

From Steve--Conversations

Sri Edji,  

Last night I just Let the (chanting) music  play and flow into my Heart Center. It became so strong that the overflow went into my lower gut and head center.   Tingling, so pleasurable, so changing and vibrating.

It felt like the music was actually originating from my head.  I became the source of the melody.

The Heart Center became stronger and I could feel you and your Heart Center joining with mine.   Realizing that Edji wasn't there but the Self, and that Self  was pumping  'energy' right into me, waves and particles.   I felt that you and I were the same being, the same existence.    

It is like being in Heaven, just colors, lights, feelings and emotions just flowing...I became all that and the personality disappeared.  

It gets deeper and deeper, the swirling lights are pulling me into the Center of  something wonderful.  I can feel it just pulling on the center of my head like I am going to fall.

And the deeper part,,,the body isn't me at all, if it wasn't for Grace the body would be inert and lifeless.  If anything I AM that undefined, flowing, loving, creating Grace

It just kept pulsating like this for hours as I listened to my stimulating music.  Coming in stronger then getting lighter then stronger then lighter....just back and forth like a pendulum. 

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