02 January 2015

From a student

Thank you Edji I'm really loving the knowledge that the body and mind create an I am. There's no i. I’m starting to see the non physical is the real world while this one is not , an illusion to learn . I believe we are to learn integrity, to be transparent, light like a feather. I've learned the harder I hold on the faster the feather moves in the wind and I'm just grasping, transcend material. I also have come to see that I've been praying to a god, but God, the source of all things, it's real face is black, nothing , yet everything.
I realized it gave us free will so it will just watch pure awareness , will never change your life for the better or worse. 

However, mother god is who I should call on to help. She keeps everything running and moving and beautiful. Mother god this is her realm while the father is void, yet this void or like you said--- the I am is bliss; it’s heart is high vibration. I see if I vibrate at high levels I'll bring in high level vibrating people and circumstances. I am done with this illusion I've seen thru it. Now I want to work on my next life, make it good so I can help the collective consciousness vibrate high.

I'm so sorry I couldn't see you; my car broke down and I couldn't get a ride. I will drive to Arizona to see you♡ I'm hoping to hug Ammaji this summer!

Happy new year

It is alright C.  The last 3 weeks at my house in Northridge were chaotic.  I had students from Austria and South Bay staying with me and the house was filled with boxes and chaos.

Look Carly, your mind is still too busy with theory and focused on understanding meanig your mind and past is still dictating the pace of your present.

As much as possible get out of your head into the I Am sensation and stay there, centered in your heart or gut.

This gets you out of your head into your body's existence and experience, which will take you into the Self.

The mind is far outside the Self.  The body's experience is closer to the Self.  Staying in that sense of being alive, the Life Force, is 1/2 of the Self experience.  The other half is pure emptiness, the Void.  Together they are your source, the ground of your being.  There are no thoughts there, and the only understanding that emerges is the magnificence and mystery of your own existence.  Magically you have arisen from the earth, your body, as an entity sensing this realm of existence.

There is nothing more exciting than this--the magic of your existence as That principle that is life, is sentience.

All other understanding is purely philosophy. Even saying God co-exists in you is a way of expressing how magical and extraordinary your existence is.

So---just be in yourself, looking and feeling within which will lead to experiencing your ground state of existence, it aliveness, its extraordinariness, its bliss, and the sheer joy of being that underlies even the most devastating emotional and physical negativities.