16 January 2015


The latest science points to a climate Armageddon: we may be only decades away from irreversible decline of livability of the earth.  Species are going extinct at an alarming rate and the threat has not been taken seriously—Yet.

We are in the midst of a world religious war of Muslims against Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and other religions, beginning to manifest everywhere as the cruelest violence.

Meat eating is killing increasing numbers of fish, fowl and mammals worldwide. In te US, 10 billion sentient beings are slaughtered each year just for food.

A few years ago I heard the call of Sufi master Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee who made clear the urgent nature of what could be approaching end times.  The United States continuous violent interference all over the world has resulted in the descent towards barbarism, caused the Muslim reaction, poisoned the earth with depleted uranium shells, and trained millions of Americans how to kill other humans from Vietnam to Iraq and now Syria and Libya.  His answer was to address the needs of the earth, Gaia so to speak, and put that goal even ahead of attaining self-realization.
In the US we now see widespread poverty, a politics of corruption, and a wearing down of various social safety nets.
And people are turning away from facing all these problems feeling impotent and helplessly suffering, crying out for salvation either through spiritualities of denial of the world, Self, and their own existences, or by creating a bubble of positive thinking that the world is steadily sailing into Great Enlightenment and Universal Awakening.
I am adding my own voice in support of LVL’s.  But I propose a different solution. Instead of just turning without to solve the problems of the world, I propose creating a center for studies of the Self to promote the urgent project of making Self-Realization and making it a mainstream societal goal rather than consigned to the backwaters of Facebook and other social media discussion.

You see, once you know the Self within, everything changes.  You feel the connection with all life, all sentient beings become precious to you.  One loves all sentient beings and desires to help them grow and prosper.

This does not mean you turn your cheek towards violent fanatics, or increasingly repressive governments including the US or those in Europe, but there is an emphasis on joining many researchers, academics, spiritual teachers towards understanding the immanent Self, the Manifest Self, the Atman within, and creating an expanded understanding of how to make it easier for people to understand their own selves, through psychotherapy of the Self, Self-Inquiry, and newly discovered methods.

I have called on other teachers to join me in this mission.  Several have responded positively but most have ignored this call to go their own way.

I ask you now all who will, to join me in a universal effort to understand and explain, and to articulate Self-Knowledge and Self-Realization.

First I call upon my own friends who have Self experience to join me: Syndria, Deeya, Steve E., and others who have been touched by Self-experience or better stated, Self-discovery, to join me. Then the dedicated students of the Edji/Ramana/Nisargadatta way, like Max. Michael, Mara, Grace, Daniel, Enrique, perhaps Robert Kirby if still so-inclined, past students, future students, and all who attend or have attended Satsang.

I invite Francis Bennett, Swami Chetanananda, Llewellyn, Ken Wilber, and other teachers of incarnated spirituality to join in a universal effort, even a Congress on Self.

Here is how I see the task.
The Self is a meaningless term to most who have not experienced it.  It is an academic term to them, or merely an empty concept to be rejected.

So, first I propose an effort to investigate the direct experience of Self as found in psychological literature, spiritual literature, focusing first on the direct experience of Self as found in later psychoanalytic explorations of the Self and object relation theorists, such as Melanie Klein, the British School or Fairbairne, Winnicott, Guntrip, et al, Self Psychology theorists such as Greene, Kohut, Grotstein, et all, and Carl Rogers.

These theorists have theories of Self, Self-Experience, impediments to the experience of Self and so on.

Transpersonal Psychology of Wilber, Browne, and others seek to join the field of psychological repair of the individuated Self to Transpersonal Self.

Thousands of therapists work on helping clients find an integrated sense of Self—I ask them to join.

I specifically ask powerful teachers and spiritual investigators such as Swamis Chetanananda, Shankarananda, Llewellyn VL, my brother in arms Francis Bennett, Rick Archer,  Allan Morelock, my newest brother, Dan Brown, and any teacher that recognizes the reality of the body and world as well as the primary reality of the inner world of spirit, to join in an urgent mission of creating a venue for discussion and exploration of Self-experience and Self-Realization.

The world must focus on preserving the world, and we all have to act as our bothers’ keepers, and the Good Shepherd of all sentient beings.


Washington Post article on mass extinction and irreversible tipping points:


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