24 January 2015

What would you be without a body?

What would you hear without ears?

What would you see without eyes?

What would you taste without a tongue?

What would you smell without a nose?

What would you feel without skin, muscles and nerves?


So what would it feel like without your sensory robot running around in this world?  

There would be no world for you at all.

All that there would be is Self, the Principle that senses, knows, is aware.  But it cannot be aware of itself.  It just is until there is some Life, incarnated potential to perceive: sentience.  Then is can become aware of itself through incarnation, activity, spirit and body dancing together.


  1. Cannot be aware of itself your still dwelling in the false self

  2. Anonymous. You should use your real name, you made a good point.

    The Self cannot speak about itself, only a Self-Realized person can talk about the Self, and the Self cannot be aware of itself except through an embodied human being.

    It goes like this. For many years you believed yourself was a human being, a body/mind, and then a specific identity as a body/mind.

    Then you know emptiness and the human self begins to die as you identify either with emptiness or the knower of emptiness.

    Then one day something happens like happened to Robert or to me when out of that emptiness the Real Self is seen, or better, explodes in you. Then not only is that self in you recognized, but the old, dead or dying human self comes alive again, suffused by the power of Self. Then to, the human self recognizes that that power flowing through its body, that grace, that love now energizing the body, fills the human self with the awe of God, the awe of Self, and both worship each other.

    The human worships the Self living through him or her, and the Self worships the human for worshiping It. They are now one, no separation except as awe and worship, and you worship Self in all others.

  3. Yes yes yes! I agree! Blammo! You can't see nothing. and holly cow it's all so beautifull!