13 January 2015


Do you think its possible to feel Sedona through a picture...or maybe Robert?

Looking at the butte picture just floors me.   I've gone back to it several

times.    It makes my lower 2 chakras vibrate.   Right!?!    Not my heart or 3rd eye but my womb and vagina !!!    Jeez,  hahaha....     And the vortex pictures make my eyes go shimmery.

Wow....as I write this, my heart just opened in longing....   Sedona calling?    Home?

I also felt very affected by that Bhakti post from Robert....then your response...
brought up tears.

I feel like I have no skin, no container, no defenses....just wide open and amazed.

Kerima's last contact with her mother, her mom's response to her love,  the down pour of cleansing rain,  all felt so sweetly sad to me and full of Grace.    A softness.   Thank you for sharing these personal moments with us.

Please give my love to Kerima....   You two are going through quite a cleansing and change.

Your life and how you're living it are your greatest teachings to all of us.

God, I'm in some mood today....my belly is lighted  and shimmering.    All kinds of vibrant swirling energies in movement as I'm writing....

I tell you, Edji, I feel like the Ocean Herself gazing down into my own depths.....

What you teach about the limitless  array of  rooms within us is so true.

Energies, sensations, colors, textures,  hot, cold,  lightedness, darkness, voids, emptiness,  fullness, sentience,  vibrancy, deadness,

.....utter stillness and massive upheaval.      It's all here inside me.

 I am Gaia Herself tonight.     Kali Ma.     Shakti  AND  Shiva.   Hahaha....

And tonight. for the first time, just being Alive is pure, steady bliss.

No ecstasy,  no drama,  no doubt,  no fear ..... just  IAM

I can feel that it isn't yet complete..... this will fade some eventually, but I'm  fully

in my Heart  now......   My heart encompasses .... all.

You guided me here,  Edji.      I'm so grateful.     I won't stop, I promise.

I feel Home is near, very near ....

I love you with All my Heart, Edji.   I do.

Your student, Syndria

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  1. I am Gaia Herself tonight. Kali Ma. Shakti AND Shiva. Hahaha....

    And I am so fucking horney..