13 January 2015

Ed, Michael, and Max do a Robert Adams Pilgrimage to Sedona

Last week we spent a day in Sedona, eating where Robert ate, visiting his mountain (Capital Butte), and passing by his old home. We stayed at the Sky Ranch Lodge with a fantastic view of the Butte and Sedona.

Capital Butte at Sunrise--Robert Home near the base, right of center

We ate at the Coffee Pot Inn near his house, and where the Sangha sometimes met after Satsang.

Robert's Old Home (the Butte can be seen behind)

Michael and Max at the Schnebbley Road Vortex

My shadow at the Schnebbley Hill Vortex area

1 comment:

  1. These are such gorgeous photos, Edjii. I swear I can feel the energy of Sedona emanating through them. I'm so glad you took your guardian angels on this pilgrimage.

    They're both glowing in the vortex energy!!! Even your shadow is shimmering !
    And I must admit.....I just love men in flannel shirts....Hahaha

    Love you all....Michael, Max and Edji !!!