14 January 2015


     I have been teaching for eight years now, and in my own mind, am about three times the teacher now as when I started.  Why, because I focus on love and using emotions, as well as a certain form of loving Self-Inquiry to discover the manifest Self—the Atman of Ramana AKA Turiya and Satchitananda.

     There is no recourse to mantras, Kundalini exercises, pranayama, visualizations, but only “looking within” to discover the inner emptiness (AKA the Void) and the Light of Consciousness, and “feeling within” to find the I Am sensation, which provides a direct path to the Manifest Self.

I have provided all teachings for free except selling my books briefly through Amazon.  Satsang has been free, retreats have been free, all the downloads are free, the blog is free, as is the We Are Sentience Website.  Responses to people asking questions were always provided free.

     I have only asked for donations to help support my animal rescue work as well as my teaching efforts.  But this method has not been working.

     I now want to start a live Satsang in Phoenix (Sun City), perhaps on Sundays and Thursdays, but know few people here.

     Are any readers interested in setting up a Satsang or attending such in this area?

     If there are any marketers out there who can help publicizing, please contact me.  There are two more books I want to write, and publishers and editors are welcomed to contact me.

     I am not a marketer and neither was Robert.  But I think the message he delivered and that I deliver deserve a larger audience to make a greater impact on the contemporary spiritual scene. 

    This message is far beyond Neo-Advaita, Zen, Tibetan Buddhism, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini, even traditional Advaita, and even Nisargdatta in one way:  This path is of loving introspection of the I Am, and of love and devotion towards others, all of which lead to discovering and loving of one’s own Self.  It is uniquely human based on using emotions, images, energies that arise during introspection, accepting and loving all that arises allowing for merger with them, and adding their energies to the Self.  Soon one learns that a river of bliss lies just below all emotions—they are gateways to the Self, and also the way that the freeing heart feels the world directly, as intuition.

     As such it suits the Western mind and culture, and is uniquely Western and embraces both non-dualism and dualism of related love simultaneously.

     My background as a Zen monk for 12 years, 28 years practicing psychotherapy, and eight years spent with Robert Adams means I can share methods and practices, as well as my own experience to guide people and share blissful, transformative energies during Satsang.

     I your need help. I am at a loss as to how to proceed, and have merely been following in the footsteps of Robert Adams in terms of teaching.  But there must be a better way, or people that can get with this way.

     Please, let us together build a center and a movement that can help many, many people because it accepts our humanity as well as our transcendental divine nature in Self-Realization.

     Please see my free book, Self Realization and Other Awakenings online at the We Are Sentience website.

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  1. Ed.........

    Some time ago I'd indicated I could help with editing your new book and you reacted quite favorably but that was the last I heard. My offer still stands so if you wish I can still assist you with that via email or however you'd prefer.