16 January 2015

Poachers are killing off African mammals at unprecedented rate.  A rhino horn can sell for $1 million in Vietnam.  One thousand were killed by poachers last year in South Africa alone.  Money from poaching also is used to support terrorist activities in Africa.

Article by Patrick Tucker, anti poaching specialist:

Illegal poaching and terrorism don’t seem to have much to do with another. In fact, the relationship is deeply interwoven. First, there’s the money. The State Department recentlywarned that the proceeds from illegal poaching go to African terrorist organizations like Lord’s Resistance Army, the Janjaweed and al-Shabaab. But that’s not the only connection. The tools of poaching also look tools of war. 

In places like South Africa’s Kruger National Park, here’s how that war appears. On one side are park rangers who make $150 per month protecting endangered animals such as the black rhino. Opposing them are networks of poachers who are more numerous, better armed and better funded.

Today, one rhino horn sells for $50,000 a kilogram on the black markets of Vietnam, according to commonly cited figures from researcher D. Graham-Rowe. The price can reach more than $1 million. It’s one reason why there were more than one thousand illegal rhino killings in South Africa last year according to South Africa’s Ministry of Environmental Affairs.


There is a war going on between those who worship life and God, and those who do not have a sense of Self, of the divine within, and their protectors, the soulless killers of poachers, terrorists, warlords, generals, corrupt politicians.

And guess who is winning and destroying the earth?

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