29 January 2015


At this moment I could not be happier.  My body feels light as a feather, and I am filled with joy.  A subtle, very subtle, trembling goes throughout my body, a vibration that feels like a constant, low level, body-wide orgasm.

I wonder why few people come to Satsang, and I really don’t care anymore, because I am happy, totally happy.  I just want others to feel this good, to be at peace, to feel bliss, and to know who they are.

So easy.  Just trust the method of loving self-inquiry.  Go within, look around.  Then go within and feel around for evidence that you exist as a feeling, a subtle vibration in your heart or gut.  When you find it, keep your presence there.  This will grow your sense of presence until it is felt all over and even outside your body, permeating everything.  Love that sense of presence, play with it.  Accept all other images and feelings that arise because of your self-abiding, whether of joy or sorrow, peace or anger, happiness or deep depression.  They are all you, parts you have long been aware, and parts long denied.

The more you practice, the more complete and powerful in Self you become.
Then love another.  Feel your love of their existence.  That is your own love for your own self.

Then you too can lie in your own easy chair unwilling to move for fear of disturbing your bliss.  Not only will it help you, but your happiness and energy will spread—hopefully like a plague of good-will.


  1. AH...Bless you my Teacher. Just as you said; most of the day in that deep vibration of Love and Feeling. I want this all the time, nothing can compare or even come close. And when I feel you next to me, you take it even deeper. The body is just bathing in Bliss. The world and its antics are just frames in a movie just passing by.
    Its wonderful when your Total Happiness just spreads out strongly to the devotees-I Love You for sharing your Self. steve

  2. So Beautiful...so well said...what a gift.

  3. In the Bliss there is noone to accept or reject anything - images, feelings etc etc. Noone will be there to know inside or outside - They have nothing to do with you they are just there.

    More duality - mental imaginings of Bliss.

  4. Of course there is someone there. You are there, the human witness to Self, which is also Self. It is the human witness that speaks of the Self.

    When I told Robert that I was frightened because I did not exist, he responded, "Of course you exist, you are talking to me aren't you?"

    So, the human self does not exist permanently, and in that sense Advaita considers it illusion, and only the eternal subject is unchanging and real. But the human Self certainly exists as a temporary phenomena and is real in that sense.

    1. Right. When you give somebody the finger, somebody has to be there to give the finger. It's not the finger giving itself... or its Self... Or is it? Or is it the Zen finger pointing to the moon? In which case it's Gutei's finger, and must be chopped off. But by whom? ;)