31 January 2015


What did Robert mean by this?  That everything was perfect in the world, that disease, death, plague and war were OK with him?

No, it did not mean that, but only that what he called this lowest hell of existence is what is and it cannot be changed because the individual has no power to change it much for the better.

He would say over and over, "look how many saints and sages have lived during the past thousand years, and have things improved?  No, they are the same or worse."

However, Robert was talking about his own Self experience; even given the bad news of death, decay, war, he was at peace in his own skin. He was in Samadhi and nothing disturbed him.  All was well so far as he was concerned and he could not be bothered to oppose evil or do good unless it flowed from him in that moment.

In a sense he was saying "Join me in the fullness of your Self, and you too will experience such peace that nothing will bother oyu, you will feel no need to change anything.

But on the other hand, he did not stop those who did make an effort to make the world a better place because that was their measure, their calling, and of them, he would say, "Someone has to do it."

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  1. All Is Well And Everything Is Unfolding As It Should

    Is Congruent With The Question

    Who Am I? OR

    I am That I am OR

    I Am Brahman

    Nothing to do with this world of phenomena - even though Robert had said that it could be used for those who use it to mean phenomenal world because it may help.