08 September 2012

Saturday's Satsang

  • I just got off from Edji's on-line Satsang...I want to thank you, Ed (and the whole group) for a powerful meditation and the inspiration to continue to follow what that love within each of us moves us to do and become with our lives in every moment.

    As always, I leave any experience with Ed with many tools, new insights, and invitations to go even a deeper into my experience of balancing the emptiness or the void with the power of that presence of Love and allowing its unfolding in the many ways in which that manifests within me....

    As one of the participants tonight so beautifully said:

    "I am not sure how much you realize that your (Ed's) teaching is a voice of love in the wilderness..."

    If you have not had the opportunity to attend the on-line Satsangs, then I highly recommend it...

    Thank you again Ed for your wisdom, and for your authentic devotion to being and articulating the Truth and the LOVE that transforms us all...


    Markus Kasunich


  1. Hello Markus!
    i agree with you to say how wonderful this satsang was !
    it is so easy with Edj to forget the mind because with him, his presence ,his beautiful smiling, our heart takes all the place and we stay here , listening to him , peacefull and happy !
    All that last days i was realizing how love is changing things if we are aware ; it makes live more smooth and more fluid .
    Now when i go across the town , i think all is conciousness and love and i am surprised to watch all people that i meet in the eyes and send him love .
    It is incredible like most people seem pleased to that and they are smiling and saying "hello!" . Once there is a wife who went and embrace me telling : are we acquainted ? It is very funny to do that ; it looks like we are a great family and it makes very happy to do that !
    much love for all the sangha and a big kiss for Edj/krishna !

  2. A key statement from last night's Satsang:

    "The only thing that keeps you from being totally happy is being obsessed with what you think you should be rather than being being who you are."

    It's one of the main highlights of my week to see all of your faces.

    Thanks Ed, thanks so much!

  3. I missed satsang by "this much!" With the help of Waldo I have ironed out the glitches so look forward to the next one...As far as missing out goes I admit there was a vague sense of disappointment, but just seeing all the faces brought a strange and joyful mirth to my heart. I neither felt envy or rejection( old default positions)- just a great sense peace and belonging. something is happening in this sangha, subtle yet remarkably powerful. I've said it before and I'll say it again - Love in action. Blessings and "love" to you all ps great comment Lila the word "should" - should be banned from the English language !!! Of course that wouldn't change anything - its just a playful thought.