22 September 2012


No More Theory!!!

Saturday, September 22 at 6 PM Pacific time, 9 PM Eastern Daylight Savings time, 10 PM Sao Paulo.

Enter the password: edji

This will take you to a page with a lot of instructions and a large grey box with a rotating “eye.” It will again ask you for a password. Use the word “edji.”

It will then offer four ways to enter the chatroom, click on “guest.”

It will ask you for a user name. Use any name you want.

You will then come to the chat screen, and in the upper left corner, there is a blue button labeled: Start Broadcasting. Click it.

Then it will ask what camera and microphone you want to use, or it will start one for you automatically.


Ten people are allowed on screen at once, and another 90 are allowed to here Satsang but not have their videos us. You can choose not to have your video up if you want to sneak


  1. If you've been experiencing problems with the "room", one thing to make sure of is if you have other video applications open (such as Skype) it could interfere with the video or audio (or both) at your computer.

    I will try and be in the room early, perhaps as soon as 5:30 pm PDT. Several others also show up early and are happy to help. (Satsang starts at 1 am GMT.)If you have been having audio or video problems we'll try and assist you. Feel free to use the chat form if needed.

    A good website for GMT is http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/

    This can help you make sure you're showing up at the right time.

    1. I get so confused with times, makes my head spin!

      Im in the UK, its 11pm here and 3pm in LA, so 6pm Satsangs start for us at 2am until Sunday October 28th 2012, after which they'll be at 1am.

      GMT is 10pm right now, but in the UK its 11pm due to Daylight Savings.

      Hope thats right!

    2. For those having trouble with the time satsang starts, unfortunately this is the time of year when various parts of the world are in and out of Daylight Savings Time which complicates the matter still further. The website listed above for Greenwich Mean Time:


      is a really good way to resolve these issues. Nevertheless it can be confusing.

      So, I'll volunteer to correspond with anyone who's having trouble figuring this out. Email me at waldo at hdcity dot net with something like "Satsang start time help" in the subject line. Let me know where you are in relation to GMT (plus or minus) and whether or not you are currently in Daylight Savings Time. I'll do my best to make sure you're able to attend.

  2. Please ! Is there somebody who accepts to do a topo of that satsang with Edj ?
    Thank you very very very much ...

  3. No more theory. That’s your headline for the new satsang format. Personally I applaud this approach, particularly for those in the Western world who can so easily get stuck in their mind and find themselves thinking about feelings rather than speaking from feelings. I can vouch from personal experience how difficult it can be to break from “stories”, concepts, and dig down to those atavistic, instinctual, messy, dirty, even repulsive aspects of the “I AM” that you keep pointing us toward.

    But one comparison you drew last night, as various people “spilled”, by way of explanation or clarification was drawing a comparison between the feelings expressed, the Freudian Eros and the I AM. This was almost like a Biology lab, where what one learns in books is suddenly made self-evident through personal experience. I personally was already acutely aware of the cravings, neediness, bliss and fear coating the IAM. It was just an intellectual comparison or equation, equating Eros and IAM, but for those of us familiar with Freud a very useful one.
    So, theory. You stated that the theory can be summarized in:

    1. Siddharameshwar’s “Masters of Self-Realization”.
    2. Jean Dunn’s works regarding Nisargadatta.
    3. Apte’s “The Nisargadatta Gita”.

    Some of us have also found a great deal of use for Byron Katie’s works as well as the Diamond Heart series from Almaas. These are supplementary texts that have proven useful in the day-to-day meditation of the I AM.

    I would suggest that the “bare bones” curriculum be emphasized to the public along with the satsangs characterized as practical, personal implementations demonstrating the reality of the Teaching. Once again as a metaphor, the texts are like the course materials and the satsangs are like the laboratory.

    With much love,


  4. Great Satsang.

    I was deeply touched by those who were willing to be so vulnerable.

  5. hello Lila
    can you tell more about edj was saying with that and other things at that satsang?
    thank you !
    much love

    1. Hi Sylviane. Not sure what you are asking. Can you be more precise?


  6. Ok Lila ,
    you speak about to be more vulnerable , what was Edj telling about that ?
    Can you say more about what Edj was speaking at this satsang ?
    thank you very much !

  7. Hi Sylviane. Sorry that you could not make it to the satsang.

    Ed did not speak about vulnerability per se but there were several people who, because of the tenderness and compassion that he exuded, were able to be open and vulnerable, exposing their humanness.

    These are not comfortable places for us to go. It takes deep trust in someone in order for us to feel safe enough to expose the depths of our humanhood. We are afraid if we are really seen that we will be rejected.

    Even as I type, I feel afraid of my weaknesses, my fears, my almost infantile neediness, my insecurities...being deeply exposed. I have hidden these feelings behind beliefs in being strong and secure for so long that I was completely unaware that they were there.

    I am also discovering that the more deeply I can feel these feelings the more alive I feel. It's a mystery. I don't pretend to know why.

    I sent this email to Ed yesterday. It explains what I have felt about the past several satsangs.


    I just wanted to say thank you for being so supportive.

    Your very presence in my life is a source of strength.

    The compassion that I feel from you is an indispensable factor in being able to trust you, it is what makes vulnerability possible.

    This type of compassion is not so much to alleviate the hurt or suffering in my life, but it makes that hurt and suffering, that pain meaningful, makes it tolerable, makes it part of the Truth rather than as obstacle to it, and this shift in perspective has made all the difference in the world to me.

    I am not so quick to run from unwanted feelings anymore as I see that they also are in service to the Truth. This is what you have shown me through your own life and what you have been teaching me for the past 18 months...and this to me, is compassion in its truest sense.

    What has been so moving about the past several satsangs is witnessing this compassion in action as you have taken by the hand, those who have been willing, into a greater place of freedom, not a freedom 'from' their suffering and pain, but a freedom 'in' their suffering and pain.

    It is for this gift of compassion that I say again, "THANK YOU!"

    Lila J.

  8. "What has been so moving about the past several satsangs is witnessing this compassion in action as you have taken by the hand, those who have been willing, into a greater place of freedom, not a freedom 'from' their suffering and pain, but a freedom 'in' their suffering and pain."
    dear Lila ,
    thank you for this beautiful answer ! i like very much how you speak on Edj and share your vision of him ! across your words i feel as this satsang was ...Edj makes us more human, kind and sensitive with all the feelings in you and without fear or shame .
    As you say it is because he is very simple , full of love for us and embracing all the human condition in him. It is very incredible !
    He made me courage to write to my late advaita guru to explain what is Edj and telling him why it seems to me a real guru who can help because he is jnani and bakti and i was saying how his advaita way is dry ! And he answered to me how difficult it was to have the good attitude with me !!!
    there is another american guru who will come in my town , also he helps people to be clear with her feelings and sufferings . i have meet people who works with him , they are very sympathic but i am always speak about Edj with them , about his total vulnerability , his love and they like very much and also his bahjans .
    I must see this guru the next month because he can help some friends and i think he will tell me that i have an addict with Edj !!!but it is a very creative addict who makes me work and go much far within !
    We are very lucky, Lila , we are knowing the "must" with Edj !!!
    much love for you ... and for him !