14 September 2012

"It is all unfolding as it should."

--Robert Adams--

"Not in my fucking book it isn't."

--Ed Muzika-- 


  1. Hey, we must be reading the same fucking book, cuz in mine, it ain't unfolding as it should either.

    What possible benefit, other than an attempt to escape from the harsh realities of life, does believing something like this serve?

    Thanks for being gutsy enough to say what you said here Ed.

  2. It is all unfolding as it should, except what isn't.

  3. so that is your experience right now. Robert's experience was apparently very different. You're speaking from two very distinct places, it would seem.

    it begs to consider the question of identity. are you the unfolding at the particular level or are you the source, the totality and everything in between? if you are both but you don't accept what unfolds as the work of God, even when you don't like it, you are resisting life. and we are right back where we started with the vicissitudes of human suffering and the inherent pain of duality.

    for all your talk, Edji, of embracing pain perhaps you need to follow what you preach. and what other is embracing the pain, owning the full spectrum, than totally accepting it? to fight against your sorrow, the turn of events, you are escaping. is this not exactly what you've been talking about so much of late?... the need to "shut up and go within" (Ed, 2011), sit with it, and let the pain transmute into a divine love that is so big that it both hurts and heals?

    The Gita illustrated the instructions that Arjuna should fight and even kill his kin...while his mind was in surrender to God, in Self-abeyance, in love. to kill... but to do so in a space of love. it's totally irreconcilable from the human stand point. but that's the crux of it, isn't it? we just don't understand most of the time but we come to embrace and accept and therein lies love.

    How can Little Red's passing be any different? celebrating your resistance to his death, being sad, etc... perfectly natural. but constantly defining your message by contrasting it to the pronouncement of Jnana as expressed by Robert, Ramana, Nisargadatta, etc...and claiming it is a "new way"... where's the substance in that?

    embrace what is. Little Red's time has obviously come. He's free. Why lament that? See past your attachment and think of his well-being. the pain doesn't need to become an exercise in marking your teaching as distinct from Robert's. how about just being with your pain.



  4. Maybe the disagreement, the fight, the effort to change things, is also part of everything unfolding as it should...

    1. Yes, Yes Max, I agree.

      Why is it that those who proclaim the loudest, 'everything is unfolding as it should' are the first ones to recant when this 'everything' includes what is not acceptable to them, things such as resistance, struggle, disagreement, the effort to change things, anger over the way things are. Why are these things excluded? Somebody please explain this to me!

    2. Lila,

      Perhaps the excluded "things" don't exist for them consciously. Or as my Grandmother used to say, "Who the fuck knows?"

    3. Yes, obliviously these things cannot be excluded.
      The next step is "so what should I do?"
      "Nothing" or "Nothing that I can really choose" may be a logic answer because "everything unfolding as it should..."
      So it's a kind of logic loop, a mental trap, if you follow it you stuck.
      Better drop it, go ahead,
      as Ed reported Robert:
      "...always said you need to act as if you had free will, otherwise you would do nothing."


  5. yes Edj , there is like a bug because what it makes us happy in that live is love and sharing this love every day, still and still, also if that love plays hide and seek sometimes but we find it again and again , and however the rules life are very cruel because they stop that endlessly like a sadic play since we are a baby until we are dying !
    And the unique exit door is spiritual way to escape !
    it is completely crazy realizing that enormity and give feeling sick!!!

  6. Write about how love is spiritual or whatever.

  7. Trevor, you got all of that out of those two sentences? A whole story of the inner states of two teachers, with contrasts, similarities, and judgments of what to do and how to be?

  8. How should it be unfolding? Good, bad shit happens but rest assured it all feeds the mind. Feeds it and bolsters it. Poor me, why me?, oh lucky me I won the lottery! Same shit, feeds the mind, rots you from inside. Leave the world alone and it'll be your friend not by being nice to you rather it'll stop giving you shit to ponder upon.

  9. Is Robert's position just an expression of his belief in destiny cuz it sure comes across as such(though Ed, you've stated the only exception to this was also Robert's contention that free will was involved in the "decision" to liberate oneself).

  10. It is hard to know whether Robert believed anything. I don't. I take all words, even my own as lies, POVs, opinions. But he believed everything was destined, even if you were to do self-inquiry. But he always said you need to act as if you had free will, otherwise you would do nothing.

    1. It's as if the sense of doing and what is being done arise simultaneously. Without the sense of a doer there isn't any doing.