01 September 2012



Saturday, September 1, at 6 PM Pacific time, 9 PM Eastern Daylight Savings time.

Enter the password: edji

This will take you to a page with a lot of instructions and a large grey box with a rotating “eye.” It will again ask you for a password. Use the word “edji.”

It will then offer four ways to enter the chatroom, click on “guest.”

It will ask you for a user name. Use any name you want.

You will then come to the chat screen, and in the upper left corner, there is a blue button labeled: Start Broadcasting. Click it.

Then it will ask what camera and microphone you want to use, or it will start one for you automatically.


Ten people are allowed on screen at once, and another 90 are allowed to here Satsang but not have their videos us. You can choose not to have your video up if you want to sneak in as someone else and not be seen.

Please prepare to be open and share.


  1. If you've been experiencing problems with the "room", one thing to make sure of is if you have other video applications open (such as Skype) it could interfere with the video or audio (or both) at your computer.
    I will try and be in the room early, perhaps as soon as 5:30 pm PDT. (Satsang starts at 1 am GMT.)If you have been having audio or video problems I'll try and assist you. Feel free to use the chat form if needed.

  2. Haha Ed you must have read my mind... both the email you read to us at the beginning of satsang and the idea to do "group work" are very relevant to where I am at now.

    It is good to feel connected to you :)

    Thank you so much!

    Maggie and Lila, thank you for sharing!
    I deeply admire your courage and your ability to articulate emotions.

    Hugs to you both <3

    1. hugs to you max and thanks for your support in "staying with us" a more real expression of love I can't quite imagine. If love is the engine of the universe then trust must be the fuel! It is a few days since satsang and the mustard seed of trust I entered it with has now sprouted in unimaginable ways - mediation is "deeper" and easier to access, chanting and music moves through me and fills the space - no longer an experience to "aspire " to but a rich, vibrant, warm and delicious "reality" - so familiar and so loving. no words can describe it adequately
      . Moreover there is a Lightness of being - as it manifests in "my" human form - The best I can do is use metaphors - with the anvil off my chest and the strangle hold released from my throat. I discard the old familiar, well worn coat of depression,anxiety and self-loathing I have huddled in for too long. I have donned the coat of the "many colours of humanness". In which I venture confidently and joyfully into the sunlight of the spirit where darkness and fear are dissolved. .

  3. Dear Ed,
    Last night's satsang was one of the most emotionally purifying and profound events I've ever been a part of. No jargon, no lofty spiritual concepts, no running from the world. Raw feeling, empathy, involvement. And a deeper understanding of love and what it means to be fully human.Some may see what you're guiding us into as a departure, but I see it as a continuation and deepening of the process whereby we become ourselves.

    With love,

  4. For maggie ,
    when i joined to you last night , satstang was yet commenced and i was very surprised to see and feel what it was happening . Lila was speaking and there were a lot of emotions . And i have grasped that before it was you who was speaking about your sufferings .
    i wanted to tell you that i am very ashamed about my answer to you a few weeks ago . You speak about my innocence but i don't because i was feeling your sadness in your words and it was if they were come back me in things i didnt want to return and so i have prefer to ovoid and answer to you with general things .
    It is a great lesson of compassion and humility that Edj is giving by this way
    i am very happy to be with you here !
    Sorry again Maggie and much love for you !

  5. Dearest Coquelicot,

    there is no need for apologies or for shame - yet you are moved to express these feeling.. and acknowledge the "things you want to avoid"
    And this is what I believe ED is how to say it - "orchestrating" "allowing" "supporting" "encouraging" in us to embrace -fully!!
    he knows us better than we know ourselves ...His compassion for our sorrow and suffering is awe inspiring, visceral and real.
    His honesty is quite frankly - unassailable. He says all the reading material is on his website - avail yourselves of it, it is there make use of it. Yet paradoxically he says many or most of us "won't make it " get it" - - -enlightened whatever that means_ and we don't and can't know what it means.

    So he takes a different tack - throws away the books the reading material the scriptures etc. To me that is risky, he may lose or drive away more "evolved" seekers, people who approach this from a more "cerebral" academic and devotional stance.
    And he gives us permission to explore our messy emotions and feelings with a safety net of - wires and widgets and cables and two dimensional head shots of our growing "cyber family".

    No one was with me physically to offer a hug or succor - yet I managed to keep my finger on that microphone button and descend into a hell I have repressed for 50 years!!!
    In the past the shame of being so exposed and vulnerable would have seen me quite literally in the fetal position for days ... How is able to do this? how is it I trust that he will not leave, ignore or chastise me - I don't know - yet he does I think it's called Love - absolute unconditional LOVE... in action.

    Waldo your comments are breathtaking, in their simplicity you manage to encapsulate the Truth of what happened to all of us in satsang in some measure - so beautifully -thank you.
    I loved your description of your experience of the void it resonated but what gave me "hope" was that your life as shared on face book is fun,lively witty engaging a heady blend that makes "chop wood carry water positively dreary...! It had the effect of diminishing to a great extent that free floating "fear " that so pervades our lives like an uninvited specter.
    For balance though in the back of my mind lives that little Grouch Smurf - you know the one - "It'll never work... we are all doomed ... don't put anyone on a pedestal...etc etc". as long as he remains in the back of my mind that's good... he can opine all he likes I'll listen after all there is nothing wrong with a "counterpoint" argument.
    But never again is he getting centre stage in my life portending doom and gloom all over the place.
    I may not know where I am going but I sure know who's coming with me - Love to you all
    and Coquelicot thank you for your loving care and concern - no apologies needed, no need for shame but much need for your love and companionship on this amazing journey ...x

  6. Hello Maggie ,
    thanks a lot to writte as you do about what were your feelings at that satstang and how incredible it was for you to be able to do that ! As you tell it , sure it is not a common thing to meet people like Edj who does that possible !!!
    There is here a real feeling of compassion , true love which comes from Edji and goes across all the persons who share the satsang and it is acting like an oasis of light and oxygen for all people who can feel it .
    there is a so great softness beyond your words , it is very pleasant to read your messages !
    with all my love for you !

  7. Dear Edji,
    i should like to tell you how incredible what you are doing with that new direction in your satsang .
    A few years ago , i was meeting a marvellous guru and it was so extraordinary thing for me to discover a man like that because i knew nothing about guru and spirituel life ! i thought it was an angel ,coming from another planet . He was an adavaita guru and a doctor and we were seeing us very often . One day , it happened very strange things in my body and mind and he explained me it was shaktipat and he was given me a book from Muktananda called "the play of consciousness" . i was very afraid because i had nothing heard about those things and i was thinking becoming mad !
    But he helped me and was telling about many spiritual things , how he awaked him when he was twenty and what it means that . All that was fantastic for me and completely surrealist !!! my life was like a dream !
    .It was a very delightfull person and was given me many and many time to explain and let me be in his presence .I was staying near him for seven years . But after he told me to go away because i had to become free from him if i wanted to awake and he told me he was getting married . That was terrible and it was like i was dying !
    I was married also but this man/guru seemed like an angel , i had never seen anybody like him with a so beautiful energy and so beautiful and bright eyes. Near to him i was at paradise !
    So i thought that if he wanted me going away it was because i was a bad person and i didnt merit him !
    And it is at this moment that i was meeting another guru who was like a devil , very cruel and i stay near him for three years !
    But in spite of all these sufferings i could go across and become more and more free from gurus . I was meeting many others but never staying .
    But in my shoulder there was always an ache for many years .
    And when i was discovering your blog it was like i found again my first guru because you had the same energy , as beautiful as him ! But i was very afraid and the ache in my shoulder became more and more painfully . I was reading what you were writting about listen chants and i was listening and meditating with it for a month ten hours by a day . And i realised than the ache in my shoulder had finished and now there is much love in my heart !
    And now there is no sufferring or bad emotions , i am always in love with you but i am afraid that it finish ! So please help me to have the good attitude with all that ! i cannot speak at satstang because my english is too bad !
    Thank you for being as you are ! i am so trustful with you i know you can help me !
    ps if i love gurus so much it is because my father is died when i was young !

  8. Hello !
    after writting that my shoulder is becoming very painfully again but i am happy to have talk about all that and now listening the recorded chants by Edji operate like a delicious balm on it and love is always there in the heart . Incredible like those bajhans can open the heart !
    much love for every one here !