09 September 2012

Abiding in the I Am

Hi, Edji

I wanted to drop you a line to let you know everything is going well. The vast majority of the time I'm in an absolutely silent state, watching the 'I Am' do it's thing. 

The bliss comes strongly sometimes, and sometimes it goes away for a while, and I often catch myself clinging to it, wanting it to come back. But I am constantly watching the 'I Am' and the peace is continuously deepening. It feels like each day is easier, more joyful and peaceful than the day before. I actually very much enjoy, and look forward to, waking up now. 

At night, right before I fall asleep, I spontaneously enter into a deep meditation state, almost every night, and I end up spending so much time in absorption that I consume a good portion of my sleep time.  

I feel like my inner world is a massive deconstruction zone. I'm starting to see through so much of my daily habits, patterns and especially my relationships.

The only thing I read now is Hunting the I, Nisargadatta's Gita, and the Nisargadatta Sadhana. It's amazing how the same words can have a different and deeper meaning when you read them again and again.

Much Love,
Adam Mehari  


  1. Adam,

    Thanks for sharing your testimony!

    I'm beginning to feel greater peace during deconstruction myself.

  2. Keep in mind that was a private email to Edji, although I don't mind others reading it.

    The humorist Josh Billings, perhaps, put it best: “It ain’t what we don’t know that gives us trouble, it’s what we know that just ain’t so.”