12 September 2012

I think little Red is dying.  He is the 2 year old male cat that keep Lakshmi company in the office with me.

The blood test results are weird according to his oncologist, who thinks it is iron deficiency anemia, not cancer, yet iron supplements have not helped.

Red responded for a time when we gave him Progen by injection, which builds red cells to counter his anemia, but this only treats the symptoms not the underlying disease.

So, he appears to be decompensating despite treatment.  The only recourse is to take him to yet another specialist, for a go around on other tests and maybe hospitalization.

But of course we are talking about an additional $1,000 for tests and overnight hospitalization, and he really appears too weak to respond favorably.  My experience has been that cats are hard to keep alive once they develop a severe malady.  Lakshmi is an exception, with nearly four years of survival after being diagnosed with cancer.

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