09 May 2011

Dearest Master,

This one is drawn to write to you today to explain a new phenomenon which occurred.  It is seen to be merely a phenomenon, but the pull to write you about it is strong....so here goes.

Following a bad dream last night, waking up was taking place (that space in between waking and sleeping).  During this stage it was observed that the dream was re-starting.  A few small thoughts which were arising started to take on a visual form (color and shape) and were beginning to lead into a dream story.  When awareness was clearly seeing this, it all dissolved.    This repeated about 3 times.  It was seen that the dream formation was taking place within me (existing as pure awareness).  It was also seen that the normal waking state was the same as this.....ie all taking place within pure awareness....me. 
Could you please comment on this dear Master.  

much love and humble gratitude




So, did you identify with pure awareness and disidentify with the dream and waking worlds?

If the identification between you, as awareness, and the fantasy worlds of waking and dream worlds break, that is a major freedom. If not, you are still observing the whole process, but who are you?

You need to break the identification, not by deliberately trying to break, but by having a convincing,  mindblowing change in identification, or a long term more gentle change in conviction.



  1. We all want that mindblowing experience, don't we?

    In the meantime, though, I'd be happy with something like this. The most I can usually hope for when meditating - is staying awake.

    Ed's guided meditation is helpful, though (thanks Ed). I find myself doing this practice at intervals throughout the day, wherever I am.

  2. GGJi,

    Edji recommended workin on full lotus or at least half lotus to bring attention to my meditation. While its going slow and im slowly working toward half lotus, i do believe that the better posture will help keep me from nodding off at times as well. Keep going ahead and so will I.


  3. Thank you Isaac.

    I have tried sitting upright in the half lotus position, but I find it too uncomfortable, and distracting, which is why I find it easier to lie down. But maybe I'll give it another go.


  4. It is uncomfortable and distracting until you master it. Then sitting meditation takes off. It is difficult to go into samadhi unless one is in at least half lotus. You will see the change in power.

    Lying down is almost useless for samadhi, but very acceptable for self-inquiry.

  5. Ed, is samadhi important? I thought self-enquiry was the only thing that mattered.


  6. Gary, have you experienced samadhi?

    If not this is only an academic question. A question of the curious mind that wants maps and explanations for everything.

    So, which are you? One who wants awakening or freedom, or one who want to know about the way, rather than travel it?

    Even for the curious it is not a deep question, but sounds like a spontaneous one of little depth. When you are ready to ask a question about YOU, I will answer fully.



  7. No, Ed, I haven't experienced samadhi. That's why I'm asking if it's important. I thought the only practice that mattered was finding the sense of 'I' and staying there.

    I just want to know the best way of spending my meditation time. If samadhi is important, then I'll persevere with the half-lotus; if not, I'll continue to meditate lying down.

    My question may sound like one of little depth to you, Ed, but it matters to me. I wouldn't waste your time with trivial questions - not on purpose, anyway.


  8. Gary,

    Get this straight. Sitting cross legged, and poised is ALWAYS the best posture for good meditation. It has nothing to do with Samadhi. It gives a cutting power to self inquiry. It is not a matter of either samadhi or self inquiry.

    It is always worth the effort to master th posture. Just do it. Take the pain and distraction. Invest in the search. It is far more effective than lying on your back meditation.

  9. Alright, then. I'll do it.

    Thank you.