13 May 2011

Dear Edji,

I found tonight's satsang to be very intense, particularly in the second half.  I found myself engulfed in an immense, swirling void, for lack of a better word, that just kept expanding and pushing to the very limits.  It was all but it was nothing.  There was something beyond that limit and I wanted it.  It was so near, so very near, but yet so far.  I knew very deeply, with all my being, that it was worth striving for and attaining.  It is like a chick hatching from an egg.  Up to that time, it's whole universe, its whole being is within the confines of that egg but it somehow knows that there is so much more beyond.  It doesn't know what, it just knows, and the chick wants it.  It's to make that first crack in the egg and I'm ready to crack the egg.

Thank you so very much.

Much love and gratitude.

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  1. This reminds me of a book called "the Crack in the Cosmic Egg". This book is mandatory reading at some point at our elite military academies. It describes our reality tunnels or eggs as a mirroring process of infinite regress. Reminds me of Humpty Dumpty too.