18 May 2011

Hi Ed, I have a question. Can I use the witnessing as a tool in my practice. This would be added to my other tools, of sinking and focusing on the sense of presence.
For example, yesterday I had the thought, I want some chips and pop(I am not supposed to eat them though), then I said to myself, is this witnessed? 
And the answer was yes, so I thought to myself, if I am witnessing this then it can't be me. I can't simultaneously be both subject and object. So I saw the hungry I to be a thought. But, then I noticed that I shifted from being hungry to being the witness. , yet this I in the role of witness was also witnessed.

Therefore the I witnessing was also a thought. Despite all the I's, witnessing still occurred - without an I thought doing it.
The above exercise does show how the I can shift identities etc. - but that's all it shows - that I can see.  
What I am trying to do is separate the "I am or the witnessing" from the influence of the mind " thoughts, feelings, etc". 
Maybe I which is a reference point (a reference point for a something), can't use witnessing (which has no reference point, that I can see) as a tool, to move beyond itself, to the place of witnessing!
I also noticed that the sense of presence is witnessed. Thus it can't be the I am, because the I am witnesses it. Then what is the sense of presence?
I believe I am seeing out of the place of the mind, not out of the place of the witnessing. How to see out of the place of the witnessing?
I believe there is some use for the witness aspect - but I can't put my finger on it! Can you help?
I know this e-mail may seem stupid, but I feel explaining the witness in relation to the mind will be of immense help to me in my practice.
What do you think?
Your student and friend

YOU, the witness, are beyond I Am.

I Am is your sense of presence, and you witness that.

So, the main technique is to abide i the I Am, learn everything about it, yet realize you are beyond it.

One day it drops away.

In the mean time, love it. Love the sense of presence and everything in it, like it is family and friends.