01 May 2011


Almost everyone has a limit on how much they can give, even saints like the man shown in the link below.

But my whole life has been a giving. Working as a volunteer in political campaigns, helping animals, fighting to change laws that affect people and animals, giving to people who help animals.

The more you do it, the more grace you recieve.

It is a path of Karma and Bhakti, surrendering to love for others, giving for others. It CAN be a very pure way, but also, a lot of us give in order to get. We give to get closer to someone or something. There is a greed in this. I give to get and feel used if I don't get what I want.

With Robert I always gave.  At first it was to win his presence. Later that became a constant giving because I loved him and wanted his enlightenment. Eventually I just gave because I had to, it was the right way to be.

I often think of the search for enlightenment to be a very greedy way to be. It is all about me or ending me.

Not everyone has the end of some sort of awakening, whether an Advaitin, a Zen Kensho, a Buddhist burning out, a constant merger experience.

To me those goals pale in comparison to those who give to others as does this man.

There is so much love and satisfaction there. So much completeness.

AND WATCH THIS MAN'S FATHER. See the feeling of love and satisfaction he feels in gratitude to his son, whose work he supported for 8 years.

This "awakening" paradigm is so much sweeter than that of Nisargadatta or even Ramana.

Yet, many of us "spiritual" people will miss this lesson because we have some many ideas of spirituality, awakening, guru/teacher.

Through all these concepts away. Maybe in you is a great mission that could transform the lives of many, or of animals.

I love you all.


LINK: http://youtu.be/rAl_0JaDJqY


  1. The people who surrender there lives for something bigger then themselfes are the peolpe that I feel love for. When people start concerning abouth there own little pitty silly lives they immediately become ugly. This seems very clear to me and yet almost daily thinking about the best way to make a living etc. This is something for me to ponder. It is true better 1 saint then 10 jnanis.
    Thanks Edji, Beloved Guru of the Humble.

  2. Thank you, Edji.

  3. My Father.
    You are my Self.
    Warm in Love,
    Fritzji's Chris