12 May 2011

Is everything directed by Consciousness and we are merely along for the ride? 

Whether this is a play designed by Consciousness, or one designed by you and I consciously or unconsciously, is an open question. I am not sure there are any differences. If you are open enough, I think they are identical. That is, you become Consciousness, the witness and the actor, owning the whole process.

It is a matter of awareness of the totality of the processes, the feelings, and the projections. If you are open enough, not just focused on what you want, and truly watch and are aware of the entire spectrum of emotions and perceptions every second, then you will feel like it is you. Everything is you and in you. Otherwise, you just feel like a helpless spectator, a mere witness to all that is happening, which is a typical Advaita position. Or, you can deliberately take this witness position, just refusing to act on all the stuff that arises in your awareness.

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  1. When I woke up I saw that all I was doing was turning myself away from the present moment.
    In the egoic state of consciousness, we continually turn our attention away from the
    fullness of the moment to the products of the egoic mind: thoughts, desires, and feelings.
    The ego is entranced by its thoughts and desires and the feelings that arise from them,
    and it has little interest in anything else. And yet, who we really are is not the ego but
    something more all-inclusive that includes the ego and its servant, the mind, and allows
    the ego to do what it does. Because the Self is so allowing, when we are identified with
    the egoic mind, reality outside the egoic mind doesn’t seem to exist. Reality becomes
    what the ego thinks it is, and so we find ourselves living in a reality that includes only a
    small slice of what is Real.
    Just as we become engrossed in movie images and forget our surroundings, when we
    are identified with the ego, we become entranced by the movement of the egoic mind: its
    thoughts, feelings, and desires. This becomes our world, our reality. We don’t notice the
    space, the nothingness, the emptiness between the thoughts, which is more real than
    anything the mind is able to experience.
    Thoughts, desires, and feelings are part of the now, and by themselves, don’t take us
    out of the moment. However, in the egoic state of consciousness, we rarely allow
    thoughts, desires, and feelings to just come and go. Instead, we identify with particular
    thoughts, desires, and feelings and feed them with more of the same; and this does take us
    away from experiencing the moment fully.
    For example, the thought “I can’t find a job” arises in the mind. This may be true in
    the moment, although not generally true. But the ego tends to interpret thoughts globally,
    as if this means “I will never find a job.” The ego mixes fear in with the truth and creates
    a problem out of something that is just true in the moment. “I will never find job”
    becomes a problem for the mind to chew on, and it’s always looking for something to
    chew on. This so-called problem generates more thoughts that attempt to solve the
    problem: “I’ll look in the paper. Maybe I need to move. Maybe I should go back to
    school. Maybe my old place of employment has an opening. Maybe I should change
    careers.” Any one of these thoughts may or may not coincide with what the Self chooses
    to do next. The Self will allow the ego to pursue any of these avenues in an attempt to
    solve the problem. Meanwhile, the Self will move as it always has to unfold the life, and
    what that will be won’t be known until it happens.
    Hence my life has never been better as I simply allow and accept to what IS.
    What I wrote is not any opinion it's the absolute truth that I am convinced of daily which gives me true happyness(sp from the movie)
    Much love