25 May 2011

Dear Master,
I write today with news of the "mindblower" which you spoke of in your last email to me.
It has been the seing of this one that all is seen by and reports to the true me....however, there was no experiential unfoldings to back this up.  Yesterday, the Self revealed its Self.  while I was teaching yoga class yesterday, much emotion welled up to the point of tears.  Then the mind went completely empty, events were unfolding spontaneously. 
Then when yoga class was over, Bang! all went into one ness and it became clear beyond any shadow of a doubt that I was not the body or mind but the awareness which witnesses everything.  All conversations which were coming out of my body were arising with no one doing the talking....and the same for others, it was as if talking was happening but no individual doing it. The body was moving with no one being in charge of the moving.  Also, all conversation and words which arose were seen to be untrue.  This is not known why, but it was so perfectly clear.  This all lasted spontaneously for about an hour. 
Then all gradually faded to "normality" ha ha!  The mind gradually emerged....but a haziness remained all day.  Today, the I AM presence seems to course in like a wave every so often, and wash any thoughts away.  Mind is still there, but it feels like this one has moved further into Being ness...all this is seen.
It is seen that the awareness has witnessed even the coming and going of this....
Can you please comment on this dear Master.
with much love and humble gratitude


E, this is the fourth state or the I Am. It is the root state to which all else is added.

You spent an hour there and afterwards withdrawn.  If you spend a long time in that state, you will go beyond it entirely away, and will see even this comes to you, who is beyond everything, even oneness.

That is why my website has the banner, "Everything is one, and the one is not real."

But you can grab a different aspect of the I Am, which is one's sense of presence. This is a far easier way to go beyond, for the I Am takes you there itself through you loving it.

The key to this approach is finding love for the I Am and staying there.



Do you want this state?  For you need to spend some time here in orde

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