27 May 2011

Dear Master,
I had an experience and I'd like to enquire about it.

I usually go to work by train, and I listen Robert Adams' satsangs during the time.
Yesterday I listened the "Good for nothing man". After that I closed my eyes, begun ask myself:
Am I the body?  No I'am not the body. Am I the mind? The thoughts which running continuosly in my mind? How do I know that I'm thinking? There has to be somebody or something who perceives that I'm thinking. Who is it?

And it was shocking me realize that I didn't know if there is somebody or something. I felt that there was nobody or a kind of emptiness behind my thoughts. Nothing.This recognition confused my mind and cut the ground from under feet. As I realized that, thoghts stopped. It lasted for a few minutes, my mind was empty. I didn't feel happiness or something like that, I just looked out from my empty head. Than gradually thoughts began to flow again. 

Could you please help me what was that "state" Master? Shall I try to reach it again or pay no attention to it?
Thank you very much,


That is a taste of first stage enlightenment.

Once you can own this state, you will be half awake.

The next step would be to go beyond even it.

Read my awakening experiences on the website itisnotreal.com, the link called dancing with God.

Don't try to get to this state. Let it come to you when you practice going inside and looking around. In other words, just look around inside and "see" and "feel" who you are rather than ask yourself the various self-inquiry questions. It called abiding in the self, or staying in the I Am.





  1. Dear Edjii: Great blog! Tnank-you! Enlightenment means one recognizes light as being. For example I walked down the road at sunset and noticed a change in the way I was seeing my dog; she seemed not just brighter, but more HD, and more "whole". Brighter and more whole. This is happening to me more frequently and I dont think it has to do with stimuli, or it may. The Robert Adams santang may induce or some other music, it is all about the mind opening, making our conscience awareness accepting of something larger than our preconceived notion of "life". Enlightenment at the same time has a internal eternity feel to it; there is no beginning and end even though the beginning and end are known and we are going through the cycle. This would give credence to the apriori or predeterminist cause which somewhat opposes the here/now endlessness of the zen awareness of consciousness. The soul eyes sees when in the enlightenment state but it is more than this it is soul eyes infused with spirit from some internal-external happening at the here/now as well as a feel of deep eternal-internal source. The yin meets up with the yang and visa versa as all sort of "suddenly stops" as the eternal soul (spirit) makes itself aware of itself. The last reflected mirror before no more mirrors. Namaste!

  2. I can invoke this state any time. I don't call this 'empty' even a state because it is always there whether there are thoughts or no thoughts. And nothing touches it to be honest. But if I write here, it appears so that there is still something to whom even this 'empty' is an object. That 'something' is incomprehensible. So how can an incomprehensible be transcended?

  3. So how can an incomprehensible be transcended?

    I too would like to know the answer to this.

  4. This state is temporary, and it is still a state, of consciousness of the world, whether empty or full, devoid of thought, unknown, whatever.

    This too can be transcended when you realize that even this comes to you, who is separate.

  5. But dear Ed, as per scriptures this 'one' to whom everything comes and who is separate must disappear/die, isn't it? Because no matter what there is, there is still the 'one' who experience/sees everything or nothing, so it denotes subject-object relationship. This is a tricky part to discuss because concepts are so dead...