11 May 2011


The Online Satsangs are back and we are planning the first major test of our new video conference program THIS Friday at 6:00 p.m Pacific Time by holding an informal Satsang.  

If you would like to attend this Satsang and are NOT on our email list, please contact Chris at satsangreg@gmail.com to be added to our list and to get an invitation with the direct link to the Satsang.  At the present time we have enough seats with the new program (100 seats) to accommodate everyone on our email list so registration will not be required... but you do need to be on our email list.

These will be informal Satsangs, meaning the bullshit will not be planned, but will be spontaneous!

Think of a question.


  1. would love to attend but the time difference is so inconvenient as it will be 4am here. Is there any possibility to making the time 8 or 9pm pacific time Ed? Not too late your time & to early our time.

    With great respect & honor

  2. It is possible later, but this is the best time for north and south america. If we finish at 8 pm, that is 11 pm in New York, Eastern Canada, and Brazil.

    It is easier for Rajiv to do a satsang for the mideast and asia as his time is better suited.

  3. Can this program be used with apple computers?