14 May 2018


The Divine Feminine is the newest concept to sweep the new age spiritual world, and rightly so.  Women have been universally repressed by many religion and society for thousands of years, so it is the life force’s way of redressing a wrong.  But there are bigger issues here, like the division of the life force into male and female energies, and learning how to optimally combine and balance those energies.

I always worshiped women, or I must say, I worshiped those who were given to me to worship.  It never was just sexual or physical attraction, but something about their fire and mystery as manifest through specific women whose presence grabbed me by my heart.

But the concept of the divine feminine is pointless without an equal concept of the divine masculine, and that concept has nothing to do with any concept of masculinity.  It is much more basic than that. It is the life force acting through the two sexes for procreation and later maintaining a family.  It is the life force behind the activities of living, growing, evolving, prospering, then aging and death to clear the field for the next round of burgeoning life.

So this wave of feminine worship is just an act of rebalancing, but it is only one half of the life force.  The key here is worship, devotion, and surrender of man and woman to each other.  We much worship each other, the divine masculine, which I can only properly define as worship of women, and the divine feminine as worship of men.  This is all.  God divides in us as the life force, and it has a male aspect and a female aspect, which when correctly combined results is the deepest ecstasies imaginable, up to and including the realization of a complete and balanced life force in each partner in a couple, which I call realization of the divine within, the Manifest Self, God.

With this realization there are often deep spiritual visions of God, or angels, of circulating internal energies, the experience of ecstatic bliss that deepens and broadens, which often appear to be sexual orgasms but are felt throughout the entire, newly discovered spiritual body within.

Many people don’t want me to mention the sexual aspect as part of the experience of God realization, because for them, sex, eating, urination, and feces “should have” nothing to do with God realization.

But it is my opinion that the secrecy and hiding of sex in society, goes hand in hand with universal suppression of impulses, desires, etc., that prevent the various energy centers within the human body to become one-pointed, coordinated, allowing for the balance and unification of all aspects of the life force within, which is one sort of enlightenment.

Nor is actual physical sex necessary.  What is necessary is that the sexual energies be clearly felt and the sexual centers awakened.  Sometimes this happens because a person falls in love, has a heart opening so to speak, which leads to sexual arousal.  Sometimes, it is the other way around, sexual arousal, whether consummated or not, leads to a heart opening.  Then the area between the perineum and heart can become connected with blissful energies flowing upwards, leading to a very powerful heart opening, a yearning for one’s beloved, and whole body ecstatic kriyas, identical in form to stage five orgasms without any physical contact, other than thinking about one’s beloved, or hearing his or her voice, or see his or her face.

These teachings will literally tear our present heavily repressed and extremely conventional society apart.  Society could not be sustained on the repressive basis it is not, when even the word sex, or orgasm, “creeps people out.”

The real rub is how to make this balancing happen and create a state of ecstatic worship in men and women so that they can realize God within.

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