24 May 2018

Definition of life force:

Definition of life force:

Life force includes, but is not limited to, all biological processes that allow for sentience, movement, and procreation.

Sentience means awareness of the external world and all internal processes and experiences such as of thoughts, imagining, emotions, kinesthesia, and pain, as well as awareness of one’s own sense of presence, or energetic body, internal energies, such as kundalini, chi, ki, prana, bliss, Samadhi, emptiness, self-realization.

Combining the concepts of life force and sentience, sentience is also aware of the life force as manifested on experiential levels which differs from person to person. Some adepts may be experientially aware of “deeper” biological processes.

The ability to sense the life force improves with practice. Perceiving the various strands of the life force can be learned.

The person learning can gain some control over the life forces which can be used for healing or developing various kinds of abilities or powers such as telepathy, astral travel or remote healing or remote observation. The controller can be called the ego for means of talking about it, and sentience can be used to transcend that ego to see its transparent nature.

But the life force has its own ways and can only be controlled by the ego in a limited way. A more advanced practitioner is aware of the "will: of the life force, surrenders to that, yet can use intention to make changes in it.

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