12 May 2018

I had a beautiful, exquisite intervention last night.  I was feeling the heavy public criticism of the way I do Shaktipat, raising the divine energies in people who become morally outraged by the concept that sexual energies can transmute into experiencing the divine, that I was responding defensively.  Then someone I like very much commented to me, “Don’t care what they think; if you do you are already lost.”  I understood. There was no need to be defensive. They just did not have the experience of sexual impulses in them energizing their entire Subtle Body and infusing it with the divine, the flowing white liquid like energies that tickle the heart, wiping it clean of sins and regrets.  Nor did they feel the energies enter their genitals, flowing upwards warmly, with red energies, then flood into their hearts and brain.

I felt, “Yes, no more defensiveness, no more toning down the energies or the descriptive words my students use to describe their experiences.”

I will no longer run away from the sexual aspect of the Shaktipat that some people feel in my presence. The spiritual transformation process is so utterly and shockingly rapid compared to self-inquiry of any sort, or even thevarious kriya yoga pranayama and visualization practices, and so much more pleasurable that forces one to continue to run energies inside ones self that are so delightfully pleasurable.

Come to Satsang and experience these energies for yourself.  Come early and join with me in chanting, it quiets the mind and opens the heart making it more receptive.

See the Satsang link in the post below.

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