09 May 2018


So many people have misconceptions that are centered around the concept called divine love. Many students come to me and tell me about how much love they feel is emanating from photographs of Ramana or Robert Adams. But I know from first-hand experience that Robert really had very little love. He had very little of any emotion. He was entirely beyond the world of emotion including love. Might say he was a cold fish from a human point of view.

What the students were feeling was their own love partially projected onto the photograph of Robert and partially felt in their own hearts. They combine that with the feeling of wanting that feeling to grow in intensity and become permanent and directed everywhere. That they called divine love, which they assume has nothing to do with human love, which they see as distorted and contracted, personal and limited to the body.

What they do not know is they would never find any kind of love being with Robert. What they would find is the void, emptiness, and supreme peace--f they were lucky, and persevered in self-inquiry for many, many years. Self0Inquiry is a very slow method.

The real story is that divine love comes from becomming aware of deeper levels of yourself, what Jan Esmann calls the love-bliss body buried within the physical body, which I call the energy body, or one’s own sense of presence, like an electromagnetic field permeating in and extending beyond the body. This body is, the stadium that hosts a vast, intricate, and fiery play of many kinds of energies: bliss, ecstasies, and spiritual orgasms, which twist and contort one’s body with divine pleasure, and feeling God within.

For Jan, the experience of Shakti, or the divine mother, which I call the energies, or God, came about by combining kundalini meditations with the presence of his guru, a woman trained by one of my guru’s, Dhyanyogi. For me, Shakti, the divine energy within, arose from the love for woman, worshiping a woman, surrendering to a woman, who did the same with me. It was a mutual love of the most total and intense kind, and what I discovered was that the love I had for her was because of the divine I saw within her, and by seeing the divine in her, I found it in myself, which manifested in and through me in a world shattering explosion of bliss, light, and love. This experience was entirely divine even though it arose out of a human love relationship that was never consummated with physical sex, but only worshiping and surrender over a distance.

It is my aim that all of the students feel that life force within, that God within them, by being around me, reading my posts, hearing my stories of Robert and others, hearing my voice, feeling my energy field, and through resonance, gradually acquire that same acquaintance and revelation of the divine within, of directly experiencing the life force as the divine other, but also as oneself. Thereafter, when their experiences of the divine deepens and broadens, and they develop the voice and articulation necessary to create that state in others, then they themselves become teachers carrying the flame to kindle the hearts of others.

The irony is that this divine love is both the same and different from human love. It starts with human love, and gradually morphs into something that is so much more. A love of exquisite bliss, almost torturously ecstatic, which permeates every energy center within the physical and subtle bodies making one incredibly sensitive to everything both without and within one’s own being. This bliss has a life of its own, this divine love is experienced as a playing of God within one’s whole being, radiating love and bliss everywhere.

For me it started from a human love relationship that morphed into a sexless divine relationship, as physical sex never happened, but the longing for total immersion in the other, total worship and surrender to the other, total divine and permanent sex with the other, was always present in the relationship, because all energy centers of the physical and subtle bodies within were awake in one- pointed devotion towards the other, which became devotion for God within, and within all other living beings.

Rare is the person that can understand that the love of God can be obtained through loving another who wears God easily on his or her shoulders. Loving someone immersed in God is a very, very quick way of immersing yourself in God.

But often the trigger of this divine-creating relationship is a sexual trigger and energization of the sexual center which is manifest in repeated orgasms and feelings of ecstatic bliss throughout the body gradually ascending from the sexual center through the gut the heart and into the brain, so that it feels to woman like a complete penetration by love, divine love.

Then over a shorter or longer time, the awakening sexuality triggers an awakening of the heart and gut. These become solidified as these two Chakra energies form a tube from the perineum to the heart and the energy flow increases drastically day after day and week after week, until one day the energies explodes upwards from the gut, through the heart and into the brain in a world shattering display of inner energies and light, and now you directly know Shakti, the life force, as both other and as yourself.

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