12 May 2018

SUBJECT MATTER: Giving Shaktipat by means of words of love and energy, varying the tone and cadence of my voice, and modulating my energy field so that attendees can feel some aspects of Shakti, from love, to bliss, to stillness, to orgasms.
Your “job” is to be as quiet, settled, and receptive to the energies as possible. No drinking, eating, or wandering around during Satsang. It can disturb others. This is a holy occasion; you are in my church.
I am thinking of holding a Shaktipat weekend retreat in the near future, online and in person.
The talk starts at 11 am, but please come at 10:45 and sit with me during chanting. The chanting chosen should fully accepted and joined with. It quiets the mind and makes experiencing Shakti easier and more powerfully.
Don't join now.
Come At 10:45 am Sunday and sit with me.
If you find Satsang valuable and are so moved, please consider donating to support my work of feeding hundreds of homeless cats in Los Angeles, and also to support my teaching. I do not charge for anything. Even my two books are free downloads.

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