22 November 2014

Those who advise no spiritual effort, no looking within, do so from fear of what they will find.

Nisargadatta has stated never to take his sayings as generic advice for everyone. Each time he spoke it was for a specific person at a specific state of development. Otherwise how can you keep doing what you are doing, following me around FB and attacking what I say without addressing the Nisargadatta qutes and Ramana quotes I post that talk about the need for inner effort, searching, doggedness of inner self-exploration.

I get from you not a conviction that you just need to be, but a deep fear in you of going inside yourself, and exploring, out of fear of what horror you will find in your own inner exploration.

I;ll bet you have never been in psychotherapy either out of fear of what you will find inside. You are afraid to "poke around in your inner darkness" out of fear of finding deep depression, despair, inner weakeness, etc., and instead attack all inner work as worthless.

Then you have a whole bunch of people that support your passivity and just wait for whatever arises thinking this passivity is the highest truth. In fact, it is a passivity born of terror of what you will find inside.

Many, many, people are like this. They have a fear both of psychotherapy, inner reflection, true self-inquiry. You are one of them.

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