28 November 2014

No Wonder!!!

     It is quite clear to me now why our Sangha has remained small.  I have been trying to sell inner investigation of suffering, grief, and heartbreak, as a way to Self-Realization to neo-Advaitins, Classical Advaitins, and Buddhists, all of whom shun suffering like a plague.

       Indeed Robert said you still experience vestiges of suffering, but the sting is no longer there.  Buddhists seek Nirvana, the burning out of desires and the Self to reach the other shore beyond humanity.  They vow to save all sentient beings from suffering and distress.

          Neo-Advaitins can find no separate Self that could suffer. Francis Lucille cannot find a self to suffer, ditto all the other Facebook teachers.  Masaro shows that the Witness merely watches the world (and the body/mind/heart’s suffering, untouched.

       However, Christians, Sufi, and psychologists understand Self as spirit or an inner sense of me, and they understand that suffering is pervasive.  For the Christians, and especially for the Sufi, suffering can be a way to the Beloved, the Self within, experienced as joining or merging with Christ, the Beloved, or God.

       Just my use of the word “Self” was anathema to the body of people I was talking to, trying to take them back into existence, emotions, human vulnerability and love, while they were still running from Self, suffering, depression, and grief, not knowing that the bounty they seek lay under the surface of suffering and distress, not by ending desires and the Self through meditation and dissociation, but by piercing that layer of suffering that lies over the self, and protects it from casual viewing.

          Passion, energy, persistence, and a divine calling—grace—is needed to find that Pearl of Great Price within, the Kingdom of God, the Self.


  1. At some point whether it be next week or 100 years from now you are going to be recognized as a rare Guru delivering the rare Bhakti Teachings. A rare time in History and I consider myself to be truly blessed by God herself to have you as my Teacher. And also the opportunity to ask questions and have your personal guidance. This is maybe a once in a thousand year event. I bow to the Holy Spirit within. steve

  2. I agree...My only wish is that I was more financially able to give more or really anything.
    Those of you with resources...don't hold back....give for the rest of us not so well off!