12 November 2014

A Deeper Truth is Emerging

I understand Christ as never before.

When he speaks about himself he does so from an identification with Self, the I Am at all levels.

In John 14:6 he says:

Jesus said unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Jesus understood that the realization of Self was the solution of all the world’s problems. Sinners and the ill, especially the mentally ill, as well as all who suffer from grief, despair, and physical suffering, are saved by realizing their own Self, the divine within, the Atman, the Father.

With the Self, the I Am being realized, a man or woman is made complete.  Joy is constantly there at the center of one’s being, as well as total knowing (the Truth) of the divine within, expressed through themselves in the world of mankind.

As the only one that had realized the I Am in himself, and having fully identified with the Self, he can honestly say no man can realize God except through the I Am, which he was: the Life.

When one realizes the Self within, everything changes.  He is elevated above mundane life to a life of joy and direct knowing of God (the Truth), and with a full acceptance of the suffering in the world, knowledge of its roots, and the antidote for all mankind. 

This antidote is not like a Buddhist escape into no-self or Emptiness, but its opposite: a rush to embrace all life including one’s own battered self by going within, finding the I Am by walking with Jesus (The Way).

What good news!  I don’t have to discover everything myself through renunciation, deep and endless meditation, reading books, privations, etc., but I need only walk with Christ; be with him, love him, listen to what he says, feel the presence of God in him, and thereby in myself: your Self.
This understanding leads immediately to a far deeper understanding of another saying of Christ:

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

The light here means so many different things.  When you realize Self, the I Am at total depth, you realize God within, the source of Consciousness, of sentience. This realization is of complete knowingness of your Self and acceptance thereof of where you are at and where you are going in life.  There is a total and certain acceptance of life and what life is providing, along with a resting in the light of God, of the Self.

Secondly, deep within one’s Self experience as awareness, as sentience, is a vast emptiness, a Void, which is filled with light and Presence, which we could call spirit, with which we can identify.  This is the light of life, of sentience, or awareness.

So, your inner world is lighted and you have a sure knowing of your existence in the world, and the unfolding of your life in and through sentience, a partnership with Christ, the I Am, God, which you also are.

Now, anyone who knows this Self, the I Am, and identifies with it as him or herself, is living in God as much as the world, and although he may suffer illness, injury, poverty, etc., the joy within compensates all, for one is more than the meat of the body, but also one’s own spirit, one’s presence, as well as the presence of God within that elevates all.

Each such realized will become a fisher of men, a light of the world, and those who walk with them will themselves always be in light and will realize the light as their own.

Finally, it is the lack of knowing one's self (Self) that is the cause of all man made human suffering, mental illness, war, poverty, much disease, etc., for he who knows himself becomes a servant of mankind as a whole, and a source of compassion, love and good works.


  1. Yes! It took me along time to re-embrace Christianity but you need a thorough re-working of the mythology and terminology to see it in the light of meditation and non-dualistic teachings (and by your understanding, the new Self psychology). We need Jesus without the church ( this is not a new american idea). Jesus is the Self and the Self is the savior, who when you have "faith" or "trust" and love redeems you (the small self). It all makes sense.

    I believe that since we come from a judeo/christian culture, we have all been looking for Jesus, the Self, the savior, the redeemer. But we have been looking for "him" (should not be a gender) in the eyes of asian gurus. The asian guru is the archetype of the Self and the new redeemer figure. We have been looking in the wrong place for the savior. It has been with us all the time as the Self. This is a hypothesis of mine that helps to explain a lot of the huge need for guru's of questionable intent, some of which you mention. It also partly explains our huge and valid need for rediscovery of the Self.

    The christian mythology has so many parallels to what you have discovered as Devotional Adviata that it can turn your world upside down. Ed you should write a book on this.

    The beauty of the christian message is duty to the world. A kind of" put your money where your mouth is approach". If you think you are enlightened get into the world and help with the suffering of the world. That will test your depth of realization but it will also bring your shakti to the world to benefit the Self that is the world. As you say "bring it to the marketplace".

    Ed, can you list some reading from the Self psychology you mentioned in the earlier post. The only name I know is Frankl. Can you suggest some books?

    Thanks, I am completely with you and am just offering some additional insights and ideas. You are the most open teacher I have seen. To me that indicates you are secure in your realization that you can see the expressions of grace from different points of view.


    1. Well put! I am also coming back to my roots in Christianity due to following Edji and his new emphasis on love and service. It seems natural.

  2. Ed, the comment I just sent you should be edited if you post it. It will sound biased and prejudiced to an international audience because of the use of the term "asian guru". Sorry about that. I am not used to blogging comments and the internet and I realized that I was being biased and parochial. Please edit if possible otherwise dont use. I am learning thanks.

  3. There are two books I recommend: Shizoid Phenomena, Object Relations, and the Self by Harry Guntrip is incredible. Ernst Becker, the Denial of Death.

  4. I've always felt a deep power around the life and teaching of Jesus Christ.