10 November 2014


This is a discussion of finding and resting in the I Am, and using exposed strong emotions to give you and your sense of Self bliss-energy and power.  Emotions arise out of Bliss, and return to Bliss.

Depression, grief, loss are elevators to the Self as is the I Am. Underneath every strong emotion, negative or positive, lies deep bliss. Under small emotions is joy.

Resist nothing as it arises in your inward going bliss; all is you.

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  1. The synopsis of your teachings posted there below the video is great! Thank you, now where should I send the check? rich

  2. This video expresses a manner of teaching that I really appreciate and long for...the simple method..without adornment of your particular path...without a huge show of emotion and without the chanting. My simple thought is if you express your teachings just as you did in this video then we know what and how to apply the essence of them in our lives in our own way. Thank you,