30 September 2014

Carly Wakes Up and Comes Alive

Carly and I spent a day together a year ago. We had a great time at Coffee Bean and elsewhere.  What a change during the last year of constant practice.

I'm so happy I'm giddy. What an amazing thing life is! You ready for this?....I love myself I saw there is only myself I am you as well! Oh I love it Edji I love it all! When I trickled down back into my body the bliss was so strong I cried from a place that was from the beginning of time, from the soul, tears of complete joy, sorrow, love, forgiveness...there is only the now. THAT BEAUTIFUL SORCE  of all things wants to create I was in the nothing, it was non physical.

I have no eyes to see, no ears to hear it was nothing but a presence with unbelievable intelligence. Questions I had answered. I experienced the no duality only one I can't believe how amazing the workings of this creation this lovely source energy loves to create.

Oh Edji I'm in love with nothing  on the end of it just love. I want to be that way always but this body has such deep seeded habits and I saw thoughts geometric shapes vibrations. I love u Edji; I love me; I love all♡; I pray my body won't allow me to forget.

I'm happy I don't exist but in the mind of this super intelligence-- how amazing that it thought of me. I'm lucky to be a part of this magnificent mental construct, and that I am human so I am able to feel and interpret  feelings and make the non physical physical, and blessed to be a co creator in all of it.) I see how the mind can be our biggest enemy and my reactions to it my reality.



  1. Hi, Carly

    Wonderful to read your sharing.!!! I feel my joy in Self when I feel your joy.!

    Our Self, One Self Only Self. SELF pretty wild and amazing. I'm glad you wrote

    to Edji and that he shared your discoveries with us. If you havent yet been to Edji's

    Sunday Sat Sangs, please come be part of the group experience too. If you are

    already coming, hit the microphone button and say HI. Would love to meet you.

    Isn't feeling really alive and loving a total 'kick' ?!?


  2. Oh Carly, Your experience is so beautiful, an encouragement to the rest of us devotees. Bless you my dear and thank you for sharing. steve

  3. See, Dr. Muzika !!!

    People ARE hearing you and seriously practicing your wild

    and crazy Tantric Advaita !!!! And blowing their minds

    and bodies wide open.

    I think I'm gonna have ta start referring to you as "The

    Reanimater " We already know that you're "The Love

    Guru " But, now you're starting to bring us walking dead

    back to life!!!

    " Hoohoohooooo. " The Blue Deer Spirit sings as he

    dances creation into existence !

    Isn't Life a ' kick' Indeed !! EH YAAH !! EH EH YAH !


  4. You have created a bunch of experience junkies. Why don't you let them post their inevitable experience of gloom what will follow afterwards? But depressed comments doesn't advertise as good to get more morons to sign up with you. LOL
    You all will spend many yugas wasting your time "exploring" energies and experiences.
    Fake teachers attract fake students.

    1. The resident killjoy has to put in his or her 2 cents worth, which is essentially worthless since there's no way to know what will follow the experiences they're having anyway; instead, you'd like to think you've got it figured out, heh?

    2. And what of gloom? You have got something against it? Mr. NON-EXPERIENCE-JUNKIE.

    3. Anon....you wouldn't write cautioning about the gloom unless you experienced it...is that what happened to you? Are you in the Void that Edji cautions about? I'd like to hear more. Aren't you also a witness to Love?
      Steve E.

    4. Seeing everything is the self....either asleep unto itself or awake, why leave out anything? Who's on a time table ? Why not experience everything? Explore everything? Even the energies belong to the self. I accept everything without discrimination and am fully alive ! ~ Namaste ~

  5. And wow what a pathetic fucker you are anonymous, just hating on Edji and his students. Who are you to criticize? Surely noone worth caring about. "LOL" Why don't you tell us about your experience or rather your "knowledge" that makes your life worth living and so much better than us "experience junkies"??? How about at least a name.


  6. Anonymous, why don't you sign your name to your angry

    diatribe ? Frankly, you're the one who sounds gloomy, and envious.

    Try having conversation, instead of sniping and hiding out.


  7. Oh Carly you look so sweet! XXX
    But to whom is it that we send our prayers to?

  8. I don't know if I believe in prayer unless it's of devotion or thanks. The sourse of all things gave life and because of free will does nothing but watches it's creation. To ask "god" to change anything in your life I feel is pointless for pure awareness only is aware. So maybe when we pray to god its not really God and so I don't know who is answering prayers, if they are being answered at all. If I'm praying for something to change my life it probably isn't to the source of all things and because of free will, nothing can change my life,but me.