29 September 2014

Syndria Strikes Again, Liking Our Advaita/Tantric Approach

Hi glad to hear about your changes in muscle pain. Our relationship to our own emotions is so much deeper than psychology takes us.    

Amazing changes are going on.    And just by being in and surrendering to pleasure and pain.    I still have the vibrating sense of bliss stream going on subtlely under everything.

And Charley was a remarkable teacher by example.

The interpenetrating of emotions, energies and IAM Is revealing itself to be immense.      I just get more and more curious and longing to spend all my time In IAM.    

The Kali  chanting I'm doing causes a swirl of realities dancing,   Kali is with me,  then in me, then I am in her,  we are together then separate then Kali/I are the same.     A true dance.   

In awe.    That's where I am.    All day and night long. 

You and Shakti have knocked me upside down and inside out  a hundred times in 10 months.

My middle is churning with energy.  After being a black void for years.    

I have pass
ed by a doubt marker this week.    My encountering my Self in the Divine Mother's various guises,  I  feel  at home, in home.  Where I belong.

For 2 hours  I was Kali.  IAM Kali.   I was so at home.     I felt that need to bow down at her feet/ my feet.     Words don't cut it..   I have to surrender my food anxieties and confusions up to her.    And find strength through her instead of fat in terms of feeling safe.

And I talked more with Faisal.    We 're so alike energetically,  at least in some ways..    Kind of crazy.

As I listen to your changes, it feels like your way of helping yourself and others through your energy body Is revealing itself to you through your lung, your sickness, Charley's illness.  fired.

Your getting another degree, this time in Divinity.

I have no idea what is coming next and I feel freed by that.   No need to imagine, stress think, plan.    Mother is already doing it.

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