24 September 2014

Steve Speaks to Rajiv

Rajiv, You have to come back to the World.
Enlightenment is a trilogy: The first is No Mind, Emptiness, Thoughtless, Living in the Void
The second is Love, Compassion, Feeling, Emotions, Your Humanity alive and vibrant, Every moment exciting, creative and full of Wonder and Bliss. Depth, Valleys, Peaks and Expansion. Unsurpassed beauty.
The third is Absolute Compassion for all sentient beings and taking the suffering of others right into your Heart, Love in Action.
Edji is a Master who teaches all three just like Atisha taught.....rare teachers and a blessing on Humanity.
I can see you are just living Empty in the Void of nothingness, a state of depression, via negativity, Buddhas path. How else could you attack your Teacher and Guru? Your Heart is not shining with Happiness. The deep loving smile is not on your face. You look like a stone.
Rajiv, let Edji help you to bring a new Joy into your life. Let yourself breath in Love, live in Love, see how green the grass really is, see how luminous and wondrous all existence is, see the being in the tree and talk to it. Just let God shine right through you unto others. Give yourself the blessing of Emotion and Feelings. Be an innocent child in awe of life.
Your base will always be in the Void but you can also allow yourself many other dimensions-come alive, bring that Humanity with you. The Void alone is just an escape FROM Life.
Total Self-Realization is an escape into and for Total Life Being and Existence.
You couldn't criticize your Teacher if your Heart was full of Love. How dare you put down your Guru.
Bring your Emotion and Feeling back. Finish the trilogy. Your smart and brave enough to complete the cycle.
Reclaim all the territory, become colorful, become the whole spectrum of the Rainbow and every exploding note in the Music.
I see a world of difference between living in the Void and Living with all your humanity (Edji's Teachings). Kind of like chickens in a Factory farm locked into a small Battery cage where they can never stand up, never spread their wings and never walk around. Where as the Free Range Chicken gets to roam the farm, dig up the dirt, rip around the yard, have fun, let the rain fall on his head...just pure freedom and joy. Did you really ever feel the difference between a prisoner and a Free man? Same difference between a dark room and a sunlit room. Where would you and all your friends rather be?
Rajiv, we all Love you, come back, listen to Edji, Edji will never give up on you and he will open up new wonders that will truly make you a Sage. Finish your Path.


  1. Steve, this is truly amazing. I'm speechless.

  2. Steve, you are a dreamer. You are not capable to look in the heart of Rajiv therefor your judgement is althogeter wrong. Also Ed is not the savior of this world. Ed is human like you and me. Like Rajiv and everybody else.