23 September 2014

Email from Steve to me...no more TV!

Swamiji Sri Edji,       I want to thank you from the deepest part of my heart for allowing me to find you.

I hope their are 1000 steps on this path because each step is so much more wonderful than the last...I just can't believe it. This awareness  of plants, animals, the cosmos, the grass, music and  a  gang of wasps. 
I spent the day feeding honey and cranberries to the bees and just marveled at how they interacted with each other and the fly's and ants that wanted  some of that sugar.  Then all of a sudden one of the wasps flew up  and landed on my book...thanking me for the 'treats' and depositing a little of that gold on the page....that was my  'treat'  from him. They knew I was watching them. 

And to think this was always ...right in front of my nose.  

Just watched 'Fairy Tale -  A true story'  about two children and the fairies that became part of their lives.  Reminds me of childhood and all the wonders that adults deny....well its all coming back and more so.

Each day is a wonder.  Like coming out of a long hang-over.

Our TV is going out and its not going to be replaced as the movies in the yard and daily  life are so much better.

Love ya Edji,  steve

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