26 September 2014

Down to Earth, No Bullshit Teachings

My way of teaching is to be as real as possible, as open as possible, as truth-telling as possible, and as ordinary as possible so that I am approachable to all.

I know many want teachers who are quiet, unengaged, aloof, and speak slowly as if each word should be taken as God speaking. I am not for you. That often is only a guru-role hiding lack of completion.

I emphasize a spirituality of embodied humanity; God and I are sometimes one, and often partners in negotiating life. I am not interested in creating Jnanis who hold the world and Self are not real. To me that is only a partial understanding.

I am more interested in creating saints who embody great love, compassion, self-love, and self-acceptance, who can go a long way towards reducing suffering in the world.

My way is exciting, filled with love, energies, service, and surrender, but also with a complete ability to feel and accept any pain, grief, depression, fear or anger; completely open to life and the levels of Consciousness. To experience great heights of bliss, energies, power, grace, and light, you need to be able to experience and thrive in the depths of negativity and sorrow; in the end they are all the same. Bliss underlies and interpenetrates all states, as does Emptiness.

The Void is alive and well, filled with YOU!


  1. Edji - That's what I like. A good teacher should always be approachable, human, inspiring and kicking butt when needed.And teaching should be something a student can relate to and absorb. In many ways you have thrashed my mis-conceptions of saint, teacher, gnani etc.